bra help!!!

  1. Hi all, I need a recommendation for a strapless/convertible bra that will really keep the girls up! I am more or less a 32d / dd and have a hard time finding anything that fits... 34c also fits cupwise, but the band is too loose. I havent worn anythign strapless in so long because I can't find anything good to put under it! HELP!! Thanks!!
  2. featherweight nubras? I have a pair, but I am a 32B and I love it to death, I use it every weekend for work
    it eliminates any desire to pull up your strapless bra, since they are just cups
  3. Have you checked Victoria's Secret? I love their bras and they have great strapless/ multi-convertible bras.
  4. i have checked vs, but their sizes generally dont run small band with large cups... =(
  5. Ummm... I'm rather generously endowed, and I really like the convertible strapless from Wonderbra... honestly, it doesn't make you look that much bigger, but it will give them some really nice lift... I definetly feel supported.

    Also, maidenform makes one I really like....don't remember which style, but I know that Walmart actually sells a "generic" version of it (sweet nothings?)that works great too for half the price.

    Why do bras have to be so damn expensive anyway???
  6. I wouldn't recommend VS to anyone with fit issues. I'm not really a fan of VS, I'll leave it at that...

    Try Bare Necessities. They carry a huge range of sizes and they're a great company. If you're willing to spend a little more for better quality, I would recommend something like Va Bien Ultra Lift...,size,32DD.htm
  7. I am also 32D and the brand that works well for me, does not make me appear larger and gives me great support is Chantelle. I usually go to Nordstrom or Neimans, get measured and they help me find great bras. I have worn Chantelle for a few years now and I am very happy.
  8. great, thanks for all the advice.. i think i am going to go get measured again, to make sure everything fits right! :smile:
  9. ^ Always a good idea :yes:

    Nordies does a great job fitting from what I hear...