Bra advice needed to keep breasts from heading south :)

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  1. Hello.

    I need advice/suggestions for bras to wear while pregnant that will help prevent my breasts from sagging after I give birth :shame:.
    I've gone from a 34B to a D, and the What to Expect book says to "protect them for the future by wearing a good support bra." But what does that mean exactly?

    Is it better to get a maternity bra vs. a regular bra in a larger size? (Is there even such a thing as a maternity bra, or are they all nursing bras?)
    Can you wear underwire? Does underwire give more support?
    What features are most important? (wide strap, etc?)

    What bras do you recommend?

    Thanks all! :flowers:
  2. They usually mean a whole cup-bra, not a balconette or a t-shirt bra. Wear something snug, to keep them from moving. Are there any good lingerie stores near you that could help? Usually they have professional sellers who can bring you the right bra. I don´t see why you couldn´t wear an underwire (atleast with a D-cup!! since it does give more support) and the wider the shoulder straps, the sturdier the bra usually is.
  3. Go to a lingerie store or Nordies & let them do a fitting. Tell them you are pregnant & they will help you find a good, supportive bra. I wore underwire bras during & after pregnancy & never had problems. One brand I like in particular is the Le Mystere; Tisha. Do you plan on breastfeeding? If so dont buy too many now because once your milk comes in you will need bigger.
  4. i wore a bra to sleep in when i was pregnant/nursing, it was a soft wires or anything, not binding or anything...just kept them from moving around too much...