BR4347 Scamosciato Mogano

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I just received my package from Federal Express sent by our own Joanna! This is my first true Prada packaging with tissue, ribbon and a gorgeous Prada box. This bag is an awesome size and a beautiful color of brown. The indoor pics are closer to the real color than those taken outside. I wanted to include the outside ones because they show more detail. I can't wait until fall to use this beauty!!!! Thanks Longchamp for posting Joanna's pics last week!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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  2. congrats bagladee! she's a beauty!!!! :biggrin:
  3. Congrats- that is a beautiful bag!!! I love the dark brown color with the gold!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Loves!! Does it fit comfy on your shoulder?
  5. Yes, she fits like a dream!
  6. gorgeous..congrats
  7. oh my, what a wonderful bag!! Thanks for all the pictures!! ;)
  8. Oh my, this is the color of my dreams!!!!! Looks great on you!
  9. She's gorgeous! I've changed my mind about this one - now, I want one!
  10. Good gracious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That bag is THE perfect size, fit, style, etc. You get my drift! I didn't even realize the bag had those lovely gold handle details until I saw your pics.

    Two thumbs up Bagladee - well done!!!!

    I wanna see ryry's graphite bag now too! All this suede is making me sweat, lol~

    How's the weight, heavy/light??
  11. I received mine too, but too dark, too tired and it looks just like yours--bag twin bagladee. I loves mine too. Congrats!!
  12. And ryry received her graphite bag too.

    Loving all this bag porn...........but gotta run. DH coming home in T-3 min's and he'll be so dismayed that I'm cheating on him with my tpf friends...;).
  13. #13 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    oh no!!! bag porn and cheating... :roflmfao: gotta be some of the deadliest sins in some guys' eyes... :nono:
  14. Have a good night Alouette and keep those pix coming, off to find ryry's graphite beauty!!
  15. I have never had a suede bag come out of the box smelling so intoxicating:nuts:. I truly love it! It is really the perfect brown. We made a good choice bag twin:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: