BR instore extra 40% off shoe sale

  1. Just wanted to share, bananarepublic now has great instore shoe sale! it is additional 40% off sale price. Today i bought a pair of flats originally $118 for $38! Must check it out!
  2. great! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thank You Sooooo Much For This. There Is Something That I Have Been Wanting - And I Got It ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  4. thanks so much for this! stopped by today and got a pair of shoes that are SO beautiful and comfortable for $24!!!!!!!

    i'm even more ecstatic about them because earlier i had just gotten a pair of james jeans for $29! (lowest i've ever paid for any designer jeans)

    needless to say, today was a good day =D
  5. I wonder if there'll be much left my tomorrow...i'm hoping!
  6. Where did you get James Jeans for $29?
  7. To those who purchased with the extra 40% off, was there a sign that said so or did the discount ring up at the register? I went to my local BR today and didn't see anything indicating this offer. Thanks!
  8. I went today, got a gorgeous pair of shoes for $23.00. There was a sign on the marked down shoes for the extra 40% off.
  9. They'll automatically ring up at the register at the additional 40% off. I work at BR on the weekends and I stopped in for my schedule yesterday and investigated. Our store didn't have any signage up about it. I suspect it is because sales associates are encouraged to talk about the sale to everyone, but unfortunately that doesn't always happen.