BR - Codes for 40% off 2 items, 9/29 only

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  1. Here's mine (it's a one-time use code) if anyone's doing some shopping today :graucho::

  2. Just snagged this. Thanks so much, OP!
  3. Would love to know how you got this code : ) via email? hoping i have one too but am not seeing anything in my inbox...
    thank you in advance!!!

  4. BR sends it out in an email but if you don't get one, you can stalk this thread or ask someone who's not using theirs
  5. uuugh- i shop there all the time and just scoured my inbox to no avail.

    Would love, love, love a code if anyone has one they will not be using. thank you!!
  6. Here's mine..... DLXPBKRBYP4J
  7. Took it! Thanks! :smile:
  8. Oh, if someone could PM me theirs that they're not using I would appreciate it so much! I want to get some new work dresses :biggrin:
  9. Thank you for the great coupon ladies!!
  10. Here is mine that I am not using: BGCHMNYWYWCQ
  11. Does anyone have a 25% off code (a postcard packaged with previous shipped orders)?If so, let me know via PM. TIA!
  12. Can someone please PM me their extra code for 40% off ? Just lost a job interview today and trying to fix it with some purchases = (
  13. I won't be using mine.

  14. Can someone please PM me a code? All the codes posted here are grabbed so quickly. Thanks a bunch!
  15. Happy shopping girls! Here is mine for 40% off of two regularly priced items: BCH8W3HW8HJY