BR 30% discount

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  1. I was in Banana Republic today and they offered 30% off all regularly priced items if you pay with your BR card. I believe there was also a smaller % disount if you used a non BR card. I did not see any advertising for this and I see it is not offered online. I think it is one day only (although I am not sure). This was in the BR in Rockefeller Centre - Manhattan.
  2. in boston, too.

    sale items = extra 30% off
    regular items = 25% off, 30% off for cardholders
  3. anyone know how long this will last?
  4. is this in the outlets too? i will be heading to woodbury tomorrow. it would be awesome if they did!
  5. I went to Banana Republic today and they still had the promotion going on. I heard the extra 25% without or 30% with BR card off regular items is going until Monday and the extra 30% off sales is til the 22nd. I don't know if this is going on at the outlets though. I got some really cute knit hats for only $6.29 and a few sweaters. They were such great deals! Thanks for the heads up agnes01! :tup:
  6. just went to the BR outlet today in woodbury and they are not allowing the additional off for the BR card =( i tried. oh well. they still have 60% off clearance items though so that was a plus!
  7. No problem! I'm glad to have helped.
  8. The SF BR stores are giving the 30% with your card - not sure how long it's going on though but I got two spring sweaters - the jewelry on clearance is a great deal with the extra discount - I got a cool chunky necklace for $14!
  9. Yeah, I bought something @ outlet today, and I didn't see anything about an extra 30% off.
  10. I wish they offered this online, too.