BR 15% off

  1. ... purchases of $125 or more when you use your American Express card. Valid May 9 to June 12. Online or in stores.

    online code: AESUMMER
  2. this code is also free ship! thanks!
  3. thanks for posting, do you know if this includes handbags?
  4. yea it's everything.
  5. Oh no! I should have waited. Oh well.
  6. Fyi, I just used this code and it also stacks with $25 gc for every $150 spent. This is a great deal since it includes handbags and my mom has been bugging me for the Kempton pocket tote:biggrin:

    Thank you once again OP for posting :flowers:
  7. What is BR?
  8. ^^^ Banana Republic
  9. ^^Thanks. Brain is on spring vacation!