BQueenGirl's Beautiful Bags

  1. Hi everyone, thank you for letting me share my small collection. I got started with coach purses last year with the patchwork bags and moved on to chanel and lv this year. My collection includes.

    1. Pink, blue and christmas patchwork bags, all gifts from my mother and bf.
    2. White coach with bumble bee gift from my mother.
    3. Coach charms hanging on my chanel pictured.
    4. Coach patent gallery wristlet and mini skinny. (also in blue not pictured).
    5. Dior keychains on in the front of the pic.
    6. LV Silver Vernis 150 from coming soon!
    7. LV Frambois vernis $500 from fashionphile on eBay.
    8. White MC Pouchette from another respected eBay seller $300.
    9. Chanel Cambon Pouchette a christmas gift from my boyfriend.
    10. Chanel Mini Flap in "Red", actually appears coral. purchased from Personal Shoppers on eBay for $765 including shipping.
    11. Few matching coach shoes i have others i will post later.
    purses2.JPG purses.JPG
  2. lovely bags, congrats and thanx for posting x
  3. Lovely bags! Thanks for showing us! :yes:
  4. Great bags! Thanks for sharing!
  5. great collection! love the vernis!
  6. thanks for sharing - great collection
  7. Lovely! thx for sharing =)
  8. Thank you so much everyone, i love admiring all the beautiful bags on the purse forum, you all are so kind and great to chat with as well.
  9. Blue Patent Gallery Mini Skinny and Star Charm on Chanel Bag
    Photo012.jpg Photo007.jpg
  10. I like your Chanel mini flap.
  11. A collection fit for a queen...get it?!? *ba dum bum CHING* :heart: them all!!!

  12. Okay, I have to apologize to everyone for my awful joke. Sorry all, it's late...:push:
  13. beautiful !! such a nice variety of bags!
  14. Beautiful collection! And very fit for a queen. :yes: Thanks for sharing!
  15. Lovely collection!