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  1. ok, seriously.

    They're confusing and I don't like them.

    Let's please complain about boys in here. :smile:

    Srlsly, a nice general boy complaining thread.

    all I want is an effing text message! ( lol, Noriko)
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  2. :lol: ME TOO GIRL!!!!! I didnt get **** today, well hardly. I'm totally starting to think hes losing interest and that I just got carried away with myself. How could someone so hot ever find me appealing!!! :cry:
  3. I'll go!:nuts: - They are super selfish!
  4. :sad: :sad: :sad:

    what did I do wrong! LOL.


    yay Danica! add some more please.
  5. ^^^you did nothing wrong girl! You're perfect! Mimi from Days hot!!! ;)
  6. It all depends if your dealing with BOYS or MEN. My advise stick to men!
  7. i dont like inmature boys.
  8. Ugh, even Men stink sometimes!

    I's rather take care of my 3 children sick all at one time than my one husband! LOL!
  9. I don't like immature Boys. They usually so clueless.
  10. :shame: thanks.

    ladies, I'm very pleased with the man-hating. keep it up! lol, it's making me smile and I'm very displeased with a certain one right now.
  11. Love all the man hating here :lol: I am about to start hating one lol.
  12. Because you are FABULOUS!!!
  13. I am sure you girls are hot just those boys they are so blind.

  14. awwww:love: :love: :love: I hope so! I hardly got to talk to him today:cry: But then again...this is a man hating bleh to him :lol:
  15. Hmm lets see.. along with the selfishness, they are always inconsiderate and for the most part put themselves first!
    I would go as far as saying that too many men do not treat their girlfriends/wives as well as they should. Annnd they need to learn how to be a whole lot sweeter. Its the sweet little things, right?
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