Boy's with chanel.....

  1. Hi, probably most, girls......

    I was wondering.... I love Chanel.... The logo, the, very rare, men's clothes they made, all things, almost.....
    BUT.... This here is a purse blog.... and I am dying to find any kind of bag, maybe a kind of messenger, or briefcase, that also men can/could carry.... Because except for all the great clothes they made for men there are almost no accesoires....
    Once I almost wanted to get the black agenda with the withe CC logo in front (side) but then I realized it was pink on the inside.... *notreallymystyle* :smile:
    So if you have, saw, found anything that would matches witch a guy PLEASE tell me.....
    It sounds gay but the things/bags/accesoires in black with the honeycomb backgroung and a big white CC logo are just :yahoo:.... but You can really tell they are for girls/ladys/women....

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :s:shrugs:

    Thank you....:sweatdrop:
  2. I saw the cutest boy the other day.
    To make him even more desirable he had a cute cute cute manbag AND a gorgeous understated Chanel cardigan.
    It was black with white piping and had two pockets and a CC in white underneath one of them. *drools*

    Ok, just realised you were asking about accessories but I had to share :smile:
  3. Hi... no no... bags are what I am actually asking for..... but accesoires are okay, too.... :smile:
  4. I saw some unisex looking bags at Chanel the other day. They were probably part of some sports ligne, as they weren't leather. The sports ligne in general produces bags that can definitely be considered unisex.
  5. there's a fantastic messenger bag at my NM Last Call in Grapevine, TX. It's a black nylon-ish material and not at all overly feminine.
    It's a good size too, easily in proportion for a man to carry.
    There's a couple of threads posted by other men, did you search to see what their threads turned up?
  6. I don't know if it is ok to mention the 'other' Purse Blog (Bag Snob), but today they show a cool bag that a man uses for himself. I really like it!
  7. ^you could post a photo and credit her for it w/o a link:yes:
  8. _ I feel stupid to admit I have no idea how to put the photo here, so maybe someone more savvy can do it, and credit the blog... (Swanky???):shame:
  9. There are also new agendas with out pink know black on black etc.., Chanel has a Sport ligne of bags more appropriate for men. G/L in your seach:smile:
  10. on another handbag website I go on, no I am not a traitor(:heart: belongs to the tpf) ! A man asked about the same thing and I think this would be a nice man bag, go to It is black leather, with subtle cc logo over the tab closure and a thin chain, can be worn on side, or messenger style, I believe is $3000 something but its really nice, I think.
  11. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for you!
  12. [​IMG]

    Here's the pic from Enjoy!
  13. oh wow! That's pretty feminine IMO.
    The one I am talking about at NM LC is definitely unisex.

    :s I don't like that one very much, looks flat.
  14. Hi ....

    Thanks for you replies.... but this bag seems pretty "female" to me.... Especially with the chain-strap..... But please keep posting if there is anything because the Chanel stores in Germany mostly don't even have any "male" things.... only one shop has a very very tiny selection of the men's collection..... or sports collection..... :crybaby: