Boys With Boys Chanel?

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  1. #1 Oct 8, 2012
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    Hi! I just wanted to know whether there are guys out there with the boy Chanel bag. My friend wants to get one because he saw my mom's navy blue one but he hasn't seen any guy with the boy Chanel. What do you guys think? Help him lol..:smile:
  2. I have done my research on Boy and here's the verdict:

    Even tried it on myself...large to medium size.

    The sling is too short for a guy...unless you are short and petite. I am 5' 11" and it look akward. The chain might be longer but I personally prefer the strap type of Boy that came out last season but again, all too short. The new version which is quilted is even more feminine.

    I would reco the back to school and I have tried out the larger size and perfect for a guy

  3. THAT SATCHEL IS much is it? and what colors are available?
  4. Maroon as pictured and black/grey I believe. Around $USD5,000 in Kuala Lumpur. New this season. I really like it and it has the stingray details as well...which explains the price. you can literally carry it by the chain as any satchel
  5. OOO...BAZINGA...the price is pretty high but I LOVE it a seasonal piece or going to be a classic piece?
  6. currently, it's seasonal but SA told me depending on the reception. It's called Back to case you want to ask your SA
  7. CHI CHI LA im having to consider my purchases this season again argh!!!! I was about to get the Nomade Sac Plat from LV but this Chanel satchel is mouth-watering too!!!!
  8. The sac plat is classic isnt it? I am a much bigger fan of BUY BUY BUY CHANEL :P
  9. The Nomade one isn't and i just love the supple Nomade leather...AHHH...YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!!
  10. interesting thread, i wanted to get my brother one but wasn't sure if he'd like!
  11. OH, what is your brother's build? I think he might be able to pull it off if he likes the bag...Boy Chanel is
  12. build is like chris colfer from glee:smile:
  13. Ooo..then i think he can!:smile: Kurt is HOT!