Boy's Killing, Labeled a Hate Crime, Stuns a Town

  1. Unbelievable....what's WITH kids these days???

    Published: February 23, 2008

    OXNARD, Calif. — Hundreds of mourners gathered at a church here on Friday to remember an eighth-grade boy who was shot to death inside a junior high school computer lab by a fellow student in what prosecutors are calling a hate crime.

    In recent weeks, the victim, Lawrence King, 15, had said publicly that he was gay, classmates said, enduring harassment from a group of schoolmates, including the 14-year-old boy charged in his death.

    “God knit Larry together and made him wonderfully complex,” the Rev. Dan Birchfield of Westminster Presbyterian Church told the crowd as he stood in front of a large photograph of the victim. “Larry was a masterpiece.”

    The shooting stunned residents of Oxnard, a laid-back middle-class beach community just north of Malibu. It also drew a strong reaction from gay and civil rights groups.

    “We’ve never had school violence like this here before, never had a school shooting,” said David Keith, a spokesman for the Oxnard Police Department.

    Les Winget, 44, whose daughter Nikki, 13, attends the school, called the crime “absolutely unbelievable.”

    Jay Smith, executive director of the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance, where Lawrence took part in Friday night group activities for gay teenagers, said, “We’re all shocked that this would happen here.”

    The gunman, identified by the police as Brandon McInerney, “is just as much a victim as Lawrence,” said Masen Davis, executive director of the Transgender Law Center. “He’s a victim of homophobia and hate.”
  2. This is so sad. Two kids, and a whole community changed forever.:tdown:
  3. Wow that's horrible and unbelievable to have that much hate at a young age. Shows where the parents were.
  4. How disgusting. It just seems as though more and more it is up to parents to initiate these conversations with kids and teach them tolerance.
  5. BS! He doesn't live in the frickin' Appalachians, he lives in SoCal! Any feelings of homophobia and hate were created by his own evil little soul, not society.
  6. yup i agree.... he should not try to push away blame from his crime...finding excuses..:tdown:
  7. It continually concerns me where the children are getting these guns.
  8. Amen, Speedy. Why is there more gun violence in the US than in any other industrialized nation? Why are there more school shootings here? Are the academic rigors more stressful in the US? Are American youngsters less able to cope? Unlikely. It is the abundance and availability of guns.
  9. It does not say where the boy got his gun and absolutely wrong point of view from, but my educated guess is, both came from his parents.
  10. It's scary when kids so young think nothing of shooting their classmates... :sad:

  11. ITA. This whole situation is appalling :tdown:.
  12. What is going on these days?! I was that age only six years ago, my how things have changed.
  13. Stories like this make me so angry - another young person committing a crime - it is becoming way too prevalent in todays society.
  14. just awful
  15. When will the world be at peace