Boy's haircut prices?

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  1. Just wondering what people pay to have their son's haircut? And, do you bring him to an old fashioned barber shop, salon or a special kid's hair cutting place?
  2. My son is 3 1/2 and we started taking him to Peek-a-Do, which is a haircut place for kids. They have fun chairs, movies playing, etc. but they are over-priced and the haircuts were terrible. I finally wised up and just took him to a Great Clips. It was the best $10 I've ever spent! Hands down best haircut, unbeatable price, and super-fast service. We'll be going back every time.
  3. I took my son a few times to Snipits but it was expensive. I would invest in a electric clipper with attachments , comb and scissors and just do it yourself. I cut both of my kids hair now and save money.
  4. Both my husband and my son go to the same salon that I to go.

    It costs around £7 for my son (about US$10) - now if only it were the same for me! LOL!!
  5. For my first son I cut his hair until he was 3. Then I took him to a barber. My youngest son is TERRIFIED of getting his haircut, so I went to cartoon cuts and paid the extra plus HUGE tips for the screaming child. I tried doing it at home, thinking he would be less anxious, but he was just as bad and I was afraid I would poke his eye out with the scissors. FINALLY the last two haircuts he doesn't scream, but now it TICKLES and he squirms all over the place...
  6. I am a hairstylist (I had to quit about a month ago though), I charge $25 for a little boys haircut. Sometimes I don't think that is enough, especially when kids go crazy with all the screaming and squirming! Parents usually give me a pretty generous tip with bad kids, since it is HARD to do a good job when the kid won't sit still.
  7. After watching a professional cut my boys' hair once, I knew I could do an equally good job myself. I now trim their fringe by hand (so it doesn't get too short) and then used clipper attachments on the rest. I leave the top a bit longer than the sides and back. No one can tell I cut it myself. But for young children, a professional is just as apt to make a mistake with the amount of squirming a child can do, so I see no point in paying to have it done.
  8. my boys go to the same place my dh does...and i think their cuts are $9-$10. not bad....i wouldn't pay more than that though. there is a place in the mall that charges that much to trim bangs and then 3x that much to cut hair. :Push:
  9. around 8 bucks.
  10. Hubby cuts our sons hair. Our son has a really short buzz cut and DH does an amazing job making him look adorable!