Boys Don't Make Passes @ Girls Who Wear Glasses

  1. Hahahaha I remember that rhyme from when I was little!!! I needed new glasses thanks to the ridiculous amount of reading I do for grad school. I went from 275 in each eye to 375 in my left and 425.

    I figured if I was going to be blind as a bat, I might as well treat myself to a little Chanel while doing so!



    and here's what they look like on. Excuse my surly expression. It was a long trip to the mall in Richmond!

  2. I love them! They look great on you! I like how the flower detail on the side gives it a feminine touch :smile:
  3. love those JIlly!
  4. They look great on you! I need to find a new pair of rims.

  5. lovely!!!! I just saw a girl wearing a pair of chanel glasses last night, they had major bling on the side---love yours, they are so feminine chic
  6. Those are adorable and they look great on you.
  7. You look so cute in those!
  8. Love them.

    U look awesome in them!They are way stylin.....
    Virginia guys,WATCH OUT!
  10. They look wonderfully chic and classy. Great choice!!!
  11. Thanks all, I'm really happy with them!!
  12. I love them! You have a very natural beauty that doesn't seem to require a lot of work/effort!
  13. they look amazing on you!! i need new glasses too but they hurt my heads. so i usually just stick with contacts!

    but congrats!! enjoy them
  14. They look great on you! Congratz! :tup:
  15. jillybean those are soooo darling on you!! perfect choice and even more perfect since it's Chanel. Love the sides too