Boyfriends or husbands that wear Paper Denim jeans?

  1. hi - my husband always wears levis jeans, but i'm trying to have him venture outside of that brand. does anyone know how paper denim jeans for men fits? there's a good deal right now for the "Low 5 Pocket Boot Cut Jean 2 Year Vintage Wash."

    btw, he's 5'10, 170 lbs. with a decent belly. :smile:

  2. I don't really like paper denim jeans... I rather do True Religion..
  3. Jeans are tricky (hell, and pant is tricky). You really have to have him try them on to see what he likes. But..maybe you can figure the cut he likes the most in his trusty levis, then see if that matches up with the cut of the PDC jeans you want to get him. His Levis should mention the cut/style on the tag on the outside waist (ie 550, 501, 505).
  4. I'll be curious to know how this turns out. My husband knows nothing else in denim except Levis. I'd like for him to try something new... ANYTHING NEW! LOL.
  5. I LOVE my Paper Denim jeans (wearing them right now)! Bootcut Year 3
  6. i'd have him try on the pairs. but don't go with paper denim, go with diesel!
  7. My BF, found a really cute pair of Paper Denim jeans , super discounted at Barneys. It looks great and he loves it because he wanted a pair of non flashy jeans (usually wears R&R and Sevens). They are the LTD Cut (weathered, boot cut, loose fit), vintage wash.

    He says they are true to size, and loves them.

    I think your boyfriend will like it since hes a Levis type guy.

    If you have any furhter questions please feel free to PM me or respond here:smile:
  8. I love Rock & Republic's jeans... Soo comfortable... Oh, and 7 For All Mankind too!
  9. nope, i dress my bf 6'1 190 in seven.
    he's got a cute but to begin with, but omigod seven is good for the rear!
  10. i got my brother a pair of paper denims for christmas a couple of years ago, they look really good.. can't for the life of me remember the style though..