Boyfriends/Husbands and Strip Clubs

  1. What are your opinions on your guy going to strip clubs?

    A couple of girlfriends and I were having this conversation last night and it was split. I had one friend who is totally against it and one who doesn't mind at all that her boyfriend goes almost every weekend and is totally open about it.

    I am completely against boyfriends/husbands going to strip clubs and find it very unattractive when guys go to such places:yucky: . Thank god my boyfriend doesn't step foot cause I'd split in a heartbeat. Of course this is our relationship case only...

    What's everyone else's opinions on their boyfriend/husband and strip clubs?
  2. My now DH, but then boyfriend got his ass dropped by me for going.
    We'd been dating for 3 yrs and I was tired of the "I need to go out and drink my the guys " every weekend schtick. My girlfriend was at the Men's Club and saw him there and called me. {whole 'nother story}
    I had her walk up behind him and put the phone on his ear and I told him GOODBYE!
    I was mostly peaved because when I last spoke to him that night he said he was going to bed!:mad:

    Anyhow. . . that little scene apparently knocked some sense into him:shocked: . . we were engaged about 2 mos later and have lived happily ever after since!

    I am personally against them.
    I was an Apt Manager for very luxurious apartments in Houston and TONS of these girls lived there. . . you DO NOT want to know half of what I knew/saw going on!:sick: :yucky:
  3. I really wouldn't care if it was for isolated occassions -- like the traditional bachelor party. Every weekend would be a bit much.

    The thing is, around here the "strip club" is just a bunch of 19 year old girls working part-time and they are very "protected" by management so that they can't be approached much by the patrons. There's no way anyone's older boyfriend would actually end up hooking up with one of them, starting a relationship w/ said stripper, and dumping their girl:smile:

    But that's sort of my philosophy -- that's it's ok for a boyfriend of mine to look all they want, as long as their heart is in the right place -- coming back to me!!

    ps. if it were my HUSBAND I might feel quite differently.
  4. That's exactly what they want you to think. . . here anyways.
    There's a law against touching and having to be within so many feet. . . yadda, yadda, yadda. That law is SO broken here:lol:
  5. I don't mind if my b/f goes to a strip club every now and then with his friends. The way I see it's just something guys do. I don't try to understand it. lol

    I am very secure with myself so I don't feel threatened AT ALL by the strippers....I know I'm beautiful, smart and have a lot going for me so I have nothing to be worried about!! I know my boyfriend isn't the type to go there and drool over women like a pig....he goes to be social with his friends.

    That said, if he started going on a regular basis I would find it really weird and would definitely say something (I don't wanna date a creep)....but if he were to go every few months I would have no problem with it (and he hasn't gone in a couple of years anyway).

    If I thought my b/f was the type that would go to a strip club and get physical with the girls and/or leave me for one of them then I wouldn't be with him regardless....why would I want to date a guy who I thought would act like that???

  6. WOW, talk about getting caught.. that was a good one :lol:

    I agree w/ M&M, There's only a certain type of man that would consider being in a relationship w/ a stripper and those aren't my type :yucky:
  7. I don't have a problem with my bf going to the strip club. If he were going every night, that would be a problem because he wouldn't be spending time with me. But my bf has asked me to go with him (it was a whole group of us) and I have no problem with that. I wanna see what all the hype is about.
  8. Hehe, what a weird (?) story with a happy ending:yes: . I agree with what you did, if my boyfriend were ever to go, say "Goodbye" right on the spot too.

    Bachelor parties.. would it be "okay" to give the thumbs up for one of these?

    I don't know... why is it considered being "social with the boys" at a strip club? A bar, without naked girls dancing, seems to be social enough for me:shame:
  9. i wouldnt mind if it happened now or them. i wouldnt want my man going there daily after work... that would get weird. but stripclubs dont intimidate me at all. hell id go as well lol (an actually id go to a female one , male strip clubs are just strange to me. though im not bi or anything). so i dont care if my fiancee went either.
  10. I wouldn't date someone who went to them. My current boyfriend doesn't go and his friends don't go either, frankly I don't have any male friends that go. I know for a fact that there is a lot of touching, dating, prostitution, etc. going on at these places. I seriously think its naive to think that there isn't any touching or extra fees payed for extra privledges going on. Lots of those girls are also looking to date/make extra money off of their customers and I think even more of the customers are looking to date the girls. I think they are demeaning to women and I personally could never be involved with anyone who frequented them.
  11. I agree that it's naive to think there isn't any touching, etc. going on....but if you honestly think your b/f or hubby would go to a strip club and start touching strippers then you probably don't want to be dating him in the first place.
  12. yeah, I guess that's my main point. Like swanky mamma says, there probably are a lot of skankers who go out looking for some action with the strippers. But I HOPE that I wouldn't be going out with one, lol.

    Of course, given my naivete about what happens a strip clubs, maybe I'd be safer just keeping my guys out:P

    But I'd still argue that it's ok for a very occassional bachelor party or something. I just feel like if something is constructed to be totally "forbidden" that just might make it all that much more tantalizing for the guys.

    In an ideal world, the sight of all the little strippers would make them appreciate their elegant and refined ladies like us at home!! (uh, right??? probably kidding myself...)
  13. If it were for an occasion, friend's birthday, bachelor party, etc. its okay but if he just goes for funsies, then nooo away.

    Lucky for me, my boyfriend hates stripclubs! :smile:
  14. I don't really have a problem with them, my bf doesn't go so maybe I'd feel differently if he did. My main problem is I think when men get together at them (particularly at bachelor parties), I think that frat boy mentality creeps in & that's how you get a husband-to-be screwing a stripper the night before the wedding (didn't that happen not to long ago to a girl's friend on here?).
  15. I told my hubby long ago that I do have a problem with him spending OUR money oogling other women in a strip club. I have worked too hard at my job and on our relationship for that crap! :censor: