Boyfriends and Bbags

  1. My boyfriend had just discovered my obsession with tPF tonight (I've been successfully hiding my secret indulgence for the last 3months :shame:smile: and he thought it was really really cute that I talk about 'handbags' (in that "i'm-so-above-that-all-i-care-about-is-global-environmental-issues" voice, you know what I mean :graucho:) with thousands of other girlie addicts but at the same time he finds the whole thing a tad silly because I'm a student with barely enough money to buy food and yet I know more about $1000 purses than I do most other things (inc. my subject, which is solid-state physics :wacko:)

    For some reason I actually quite like him laughing at my PF addiction cos now I can OPENLY talk to him about bbags and how wonderful they are - (I have a truffle city that I use all the time so boyfriend thought bbags stood for 'brown bags', which was just the CUTEST thing ever haha :love::sweatdrop:)

  2. Oh my god you hit the nail on the head!!

    My other half just does not understand what I'm doing all the time on the computer and when I tell him I need a certain bag, he says "you've already got a nice one" :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  3. That is very cute indeed!!! :roflmfao:
  4. The real fun starts after your husband or boyfriend starts buying you bags as gifts. DH has NO IDEA how to pronounce Balenciaga, Viutton or pouchette... oh well, our daughter can teach him!
  6. My other half would not know anything about buying me a bag from H&M never mind Balenciaga!!!!:lol: :lol: :lecture:
  7. My hubby said to me a few nights ago..."I feel like your having an affair with the computer"...WHAT THE???
  8. My boyfriend got me my first bag, although he knows nothing about them.

    I found it and organised everything - he just paid for it :smile:

    He knows about the PF, and cant believe that one exisits for "bags" but we all know a Balenciaga is more than just a bag!
  9. When I got my first Bbag a couple of years ago, I totally downplayed it to my boyfriend and told him I got them from MetroPark (back when they were selling the Besso copies) for $200-ish. I said I needed a "whatever black leather bag to throw around" and he bought my story. When I got a Weekender later, it's just another "bigger whatever black leather bag". He remained unimpressed.

    So whenever I need a black bag for a certain outfit and I carry my Balenciagas, he complains why I'm carrying "that cheap black bag" instead of my Louis. :sweatdrop: It's too late to backpedal now.
  10. My hubby rocks. He plays the Real or Fake game with me and is usually the one to initiate it.
    He's a keeper:p !
  11. LOL
  12. I also have to knock about 50% off the price it really cost me and he still thinks I'm mad.... some guys just don't get it but as long as he leaves me too it I'm happy:nuts: :nuts:
  13. luckily my DH thinks my love for bags is cute (well, mostly anyway :p)...he's definitely a keeper for sure!!! :heart:
  14. My fiance will say is that new and I'll say no I've had it for a while. He knows about the PF but now how obsessed I am with it. He said to me jokingly, that when we're married I am allowed 6 of them. Poor thing has NOOOOOOO idea how much they cost. He would probably faint. He's a teacher.
  15. My boyfriend is totally supportive, although he can't get the pronunciation right:roflmfao:. It comes out "Bah-la-ca-ga", or just " tassel bag" for simplicity.

    He also knows I want "the older red bag"...he's trying, I'll give him that.