boyfriend ring

  1. when does the new coach ring come out I heard it was 2mrw & september???
  2. it's already available for order, but you should be seeing them this week in your store.
  3. I think September
  4. what does it look like?
  5. the gold comes out tommorrow
  6. does the silver 1 come out 2mrw 2!!! oh its looks like a ring band tht says coach on it!!!I'm going 2 my store 2mrw
  7. It is in stores today.
  8. Yeah, it's in our store today. It comes in a 6, 7 or 8, in gold plate or sterling silver.
  9. I tried it on already. It's nice but BIG! It really is like wearing your boyfriend's ring. I passed on it since I'm more a smaller ring type person.

    gold is $48 and silver is $128
  10. Tracy, your wishlist is impressive!
  11. hehe, that's actually what I currently own.