Boyfriend / oversized coats - trend or classic?

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  1. I've been thinking about getting an oversized coat since last winter but never found one i loved (at an ok price point) so never ended up getting one. It's a little late to buy now for this season since its already getting a little warm for coats but I saw a couple that I may like. But now im wondering if this is a trend or something im going to be able to wear next year and the year after? I'm definitely seeing a lot more girls here in this style coat these days compared to last year and not sure if I'm late.

    Opinions appreciated and please post pics of your favorite oversized coats ! Thanks
  2. I think it's a trend and won't last. I have not seen anyone in those recently.
    We don't see lots of coats anyway in my place. Most people wear down or shearling jackets in winter.
    As to boyfriend jeans...I see them on websites ....but in the streets...only skinnies.....
  3. Definitely a trend. I did it the last time and can't believe it's back. Oversized is not the most flattering silhouette but I guess with most trends, our eyes will adjust eventually.
  4. Trend but they'll still be big for next year (excuse the pun :biggrin: )
  5. ^ haha :smile:

    Thanks everyone. Maybe I'll pass on the oversized coat and just get a nice sweater coat to wear this spring.. Hmm
  6. Probably a trend.. but I usually don't follow trends.. all i know is i love them especially over cocktail dresses... I have 2-3 trench coats which are classics... and don't love them as much as my oversized coats... Im weird that way... maybe it will change when i get older...
  7. I love oversized coats and I don't care if they are trendy or not.
  8. I think it depends where you live. I'm in Chicago so people are still wearing oversize winter coats bc it's still freezing! This week the temps are up but I'm not convinced that we're done with the polar vortex yet.

    If you have the closet real estate you could def find one on an end of season sale/clearance and save it for next winter.
  9. ^ yeah I've seen a lot of people with oversized coats this season here too.

    I mainly wanted an over sized coat to wear with dolman sleeve / loose, oversized sweaters because it gets so tight and uncomfortable with the normal coats. I'll shop around soon and try on a couple to see if I like or not.
  10. I consider a luxurious, oversized coat a classic item. They're very glamorous, in my opinion, for example:

  11. I'm a fan of oversize coats & jackets.. they have a look when worn with a leggings
    or skinny/classic pants..
  12. I love oversized coats, I own a few myself! To me the look is classic, if done right
  13. Can be both, im leaning towards trendy. Depends. I have 2 or 3 of them that ive had for years, they are comfy and great to layer. But then again, sometimes it can be you look bigger than you are. I do like how Isabel Marant does them though.
  14. I think it's a trend that comes and goes, not a classic.
  15. A trend but I'm keeping mine. I remember watching some old movies with the actresses wearing oversized coats and I thought they looked great, elegant even. Those huge coats emphasize their dainty appearance.