Boyfriend needs your help!!


Dec 6, 2010
Hello guys! Looking for some help from you all on deciding which piece I should get for my girlfriend. I also have a couple of questions that hopefully some of you can answer. I got her a $750 Tiffany's gift card and my original plan was to just give her that for Christmas. After a little bit of browsing around I figured I would just buy her something that I liked, and obviously something I think she would like too and if she didn't like it, she would return it for a different piece. I found two bracelets that I really like and I wanted to see which one you guys liked better, and if maybe one of you guys owned it. I was also wondering, if I was to order it online, and she wanted to return it for the other one after Christmas, Would I be able to just take it in to a Tiffany & Co store at the mall? I will include the links to both bracelets, and a picture of her. Thanks guys!




If you guys see something that you like and it's around my price range, post it on here. Dosent have to be less than $750. It would be a little more.

Thanks again!

Mar 3, 2010
Honolulu, Hawaii
I like the second one better. It's very simple and classic.
I would double check the website on their return policy. Maybe you can just buy it at the one near you and get a gift receipt to exchange.


Sep 8, 2009
Northern California
I have this taboo about diamonds set in silver. The setting will tarnish eventually and diminish the brilliance of the diamond it holds. Why not get her the Pearls by the Yard necklace/bracelet set in sterling, or if you're willing to go about $100 over, in gold?

You can absolutely exchange a piece you bought online or at another location to any location as long as that piece is in their database. Be sure to bring your receipt.
Jan 22, 2008
I say diamond for sure, it is way prettier and looks more her style based on the pic you showed us.


Hopeless Hoarder
Dec 30, 2008
Sunny Florida
Your GF is so pretty! I guess I am the lone dissenter here but I think the first one is so unique and I love it. I am going to agree with tiffanysilver that I don't prefer diamonds set in silver, so that is my MAIN reason for choosing the pearl bracelet.

Now I also want to agree with Contessa because I have a T&Co. charm bracelet and it has been fun for special occasions to have DH add to it and always have a special meaning behind them.


Mar 2, 2010
Oh a Tiffany charm bracelet is a must have!! I do Love the #1 pearl bracelet! I don't like diamonds in silver, IMO it cheapens it (quality not price).
Dec 9, 2010
Kitty's House
I'm a husband who is here primarily to try to figure out what to get my wife by observing her activity on the board so, I may have a different perspective. Of the two, I like the pearls. I have always heard that pearls are fairly fragile though.
Dec 9, 2010
Kitty's House
Something you might want to consider. I was at Tiffany yesterday and bought my wife one of the gold charm bracelets and some charms. I like buying things like this because if I'm ever short of ideas for gifts, I can add charms, add to the sterling, add a wallet to go with the purse etc.