Boyfriend naming!

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  1. I am getting a chi puppy on friday and one of the specificacions from my boyfriend to get the dog was that he would have 50% naming rights. FINE. He doesn't not want a girlie name. FINE. The problem is that the names that he comes up with are totally for boys and she is a girl! He is pretty set on calling her T-bone and I haven't been able to come up with a name that he likes.

    Do you guys think that T-bone is idiotic for a lil girlie chi? Or should I try to live with it? Any suggestions on a non-girlie name would be greatly appreciated too.

  2. Well, if it's your puppy, I don't see why your boyfriend should be pissed off if you don't like his name suggestions...

    Maybe try to name doggie with a "manly" name but not really... like Moose or Chase... names that can be unisex, you know? :yes:
  3. yeah that is why I am trying to do. It is not just my dog is our dog and we are engaged to the 50% deal is really not bad however he vetos everything that I say... I just can't think of anything!!
  4. Oh I know just where you're coming from. In a previous marriage, I got to pick the dog out and he got to name it. I ended up with a gorgeous female Chocolate Lab that he proceeded to name ROVER! :shocked: I just shortened it to Ro and carried on.
  5. I can understand where you're coming from polos, when I think of the name T-bone, I would be imagining big dogs like Dobes, Boxers, GS.. kwim?

    I would be surprised if I heard someone calling their dog T-bone and all along came a tiny chi.. and a female one at that too.. LOL..

    I'm not really good with pet names, all my pets have real standard names.. I even named a couple of my cats based on their coloring.. I know, lame, haha..
  6. That is exactly it, he wants a funny, unexpected name for the little chi, and though I am not completely oppossed to that, I just don't know if i can swallow T-bone for a girl for the next 15 years... :rolleyes:
  7. How about a boy name that can also be for girls like Sammy or Stevie or Charlie? If he is set on that silly name just think up a good nickname and let it go. Call her Tinker Bell. It still has the T and B. :rolleyes:
  8. Awwwww! I think your BF's being funny to compensate for the fact that he'll have to tote around a tiny little girl mammal for the duration of your Chi's life. Imagine what his friends will think with him walking a tiny little girl Chi with a pink sweater on? He's probably just preempting any ridicule that might come his way, however good-natured. I mean, when his friends point and laugh, he can be like, "Go get 'em, Killer/T-bone/Tyrannosaurus Rex!" LOL

    Don't confuse the poor Chi with two different names, but come to a compromise. Adriane's Ro for Rover solution is great. Just get a little creative!
  9. My best friend has a girl dog and he named her Jake. He just loved the name and decided to go for it!
  10. This is exactly what he said! :lol:
  11. How about Killer/Kayla? Sounds similar enough that your Chi might accept it as one, your BF can have his funny, ironic big-name-for-little-dog and you can be happy with a girly name for the Chi.

  12. That is actually a really good idea. He can think the dogs name is killer/killah jeje but I'll spell it Kyla. YES! I will mention this, see if he bites it...:graucho:

    Thanks fatefullotus!
  13. You could always come up with a nickname that you could use that is based on T-bone, like Teeny or Tina.

    Not to be negative, but I should give you a warning. I have a friend who broke up with her boyfriend of many years and the custody issues over the dog were fierce. It should be decided beforehand whose dog it really is to save you future grief.
  14. Yup-stupid name.

    What about a "real" name thats not too girly but can be a girls name too?? Something like Devin??

  15. This is the other part where he gets complicated, he said no to human names... :sad: I know so many restrictions...but I am so thankful that he agreed to get a puppy because even though he loves animals, he didn't grow up having any pets, complete oppossite of me, so he's been pet-less for 38 years of his life and is perfectly able to keep going without any pets. Getting him to finally agree to this took me months!