Boyfriend Jeans ???

Aug 19, 2006
I want to get a pair of baggy jeans. I always wear Skinny jeans but I do love baggy styles too. This is the best pictures I cant get its what i've been looking for..
Basically I like the way they are low and there is a material band on the waist and I love the light denim colour.

Anyone know where I can get them. Or seen any I've hunted on the net for ages and no luck.:cursing:

Sorry for pic quailty.. best I could get :roflmfao:


Apr 26, 2006
I love boyfriend jeans!!!! will have to get myself a new pair, thanks for starting this thread!


Apr 24, 2007
Bay Area, CA
I love boyfriend jeans! They're so comfy and a different look than the usual fitted jeans. I have a pair of Earnest Sewn from Active Endeavors. Active Endeavors also has a pair by Goldsign on sale. However, these jeans are dark washes, unlike the ones in your pictures. I haven't seen any with the fabric on top before. Fun look!