Boyfriend Jeans ~ Who's wearing them this Spring?

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  1. Oh, so most of the jean designers are offering up BOYFRIEND JEANS this Spring. They seem to very loose-fit, higher-rise, highly distressed straight leg jeans usually with the cuffs rolled up.

    Granted, I have only tried on one pair, Current/Elliot, from Nordstrom but I was not impressed. What's weird is that they have a high-rise but they fall low on the hips so the crotch was nearly down to my knees. It looks like many of the other brands may have a similar cut.

    Is anyone going with this look this Spring, and if yes, have you found a pair that fits and looks good on you?
  2. Hmmm... I don't think so... I haven't tried any though and they seem like a trend that will go away pretty quickly. I must admit I like the look paired with romantic tops.
  3. I have been going back and forth on this....I like the "Clyde" style by J brand. I just don't know if I can pull this look off. I am also trying to keep in perspective how ridiculous I thought Katie Holmes looked when she started this trend!
  4. I love the look and AG has several that we're selling, but I am soooo long torso-ed and short legged that it seriously makes me look stumpy.

    I'm doing ripped up skinny and straight leg jeans this spring.
  5. Not me. I tried on a pair but on me they just made me look frumpy. Not at all attractive!
  6. Not me... I think they make all the celebs look like they have big hips, so I don't even want to try them on!
  7. I probably will try some, I'm interested in a pair by J brand
  8. Blah, gag, yuck..just kidding!!!..they make me look soo frumpy. Maybe if I was heidi klum i could pull them off but i'm 5'4 and 120 lbs..not a good look for me.
  9. I want to try them on before I decide. I bought a pair of distressed Sevens yesterday that I can probably just roll up. I'm a pretty curvy petite person, so anything large around my waist will probably look bad. (5'2", usually wear a 27 in most denim)
  10. I'll probably just wear my hubby's pants and roll them up... hee hee
  11. I've been wearing boyfriend jeans on and off for years. Yesterday, though, I bought a pair of James Jeans that's three sizes larger than I would normally wear. I probably should have just gone two sizes larger but I was at a consignment shop so...

    The jeans were button fly, soft, with the perfect amount of distressing. And cheap!!!

    I'm 5'7" and 115 lbs--my husband is 6'4 and 210 lbs--couldn't "borrow" his! Too bad!
  12. Me too. I have a pair of men's Levis 32 waist with a long fly and I just roll them up. I got them at Buffalo Exchange 2 years ago and honestly I have worn them more than any other pair I own. It's SOO comfortable.

    Then again, frumpy is the name of my game. I work it like I invented it. Can't forget the extra large beanie (cause everyday is a bad hair day lets face it lol) and a Battlestar Galactica t shirt for that irresistable dose of hopeless nerd. OH YEAHHHHHHH. That's glamour:P
  13. After having looked at a zillion different versions of boyfriend jeans online, I have to say that I will definitely be passing on this look this time around. (I've been know to change my mind on styles in the past). Until then, I'm sticking to my skinny cropped jeans for Spring.

    I think what I can't get over with BF jeans is the big clumps of rolled-up cuffs and the over-sized rear pockets that hang below the butt. Most seem to have the same general style. Not for me...this time around.
  14. Why would anyone wanna wear them?
  15. No thanks!!