BOYFRIEND jeans ~ are they still in style for fall/winter or is the trend over????

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  1. I have seen some boyfriend jeans that are really cute, but I'm wondering if this style is either out or on its way out.

  2. Another question ~
    I'm looking at a few pair by 7 for All Mankind and it appears that the inseam is a standard length. Does this mean that if I have an old pair of sevens that are a few sizes too big I could just roll up the hem? That may be a completely silly question, but had to ask.
  3. Hm, I think the trend is on its way out so I wouldn't invest in a new pair, but if you already own a pair (or want to buy inexpensive jeans) I don't think they'll look dated or anything. I've noticed that the trend has been shifting away from boyfriend fit to more of a "slouchy-skinny" fit for fall. Slouchy in the bum region, but skinny on the leg.

    Also I'm not sure that jeans that are big all over replicate the boyfriend look...they might just look baggy or the hems won't stay cuffed/cropped if they don't have a tapered hem. Boyfriend jeans are loose on the thigh and slightly taper to a cropped hem.

    Hope that helps!
  4. I think its on it's way out. It'll look horrendous with boots in the winter time. BF jeans look decent with some cool flat sandals for the summer.
  5. I would say it is on the way out as well. The look is a more fitted straight leg jean that is cuffed.
  6. Straight leg jeans are in and boyfriend jeans are out.
  7. BF jeans are totally out.
  8. they are out, but a good alternative is straight/looser leg with the cuff rolled
  9. I never liked boyfriend jeans and I think they're out.
  10. I think the gigantic saggy baggy holey BF jeans are out. But a straight or relaxed leg with cuff is still in. Even "inner" are slim-fitting cropped jeans with a cuff a la Isabel Marant. :smile:
  11. though i heard they were kind of in at the summer but i hardly saw anybody wore them...
  12. ^Probably because they're not flattering for most women. It's why I never wore them. I would really look like a dude. Not boyish, which would be cute. I would look like a DUDE.
  13. I don't think they ever looked good in the first place. Very unflattering on the body. So for me at least, it was over before it even began.
  14. Haha this was my opinion too which surprised me when I found a few pair that I thought were cute. Thanks for all the replies. Based on your replies I think what I have been seeing is simply cuffed jeans, that I assumed were boyfriend style.

    So, basically skinny jeans/thinner straight leg jeans that are cuffed ARE in style for fall, right?
  15. And they are usually much more flattering. My friend has been wearing them for 2 years. She didn't even realize they were in. She just thought they looked better on her. haha :P