Boyfriend is flying me to Anaheim... What to do?

  1. Okay so the boyfriend is going to Anaheim for work and flying me out there for a few days after whatever he is doing is over. What do we NEED to do? (This would be the first week of May, if that matters) I've never really been anywhere in CA before besides Newport Beach. He'll be old enough to rent a car (finally) so we can get around.
    We've decided on Disney Land and Hollywood for sure, but what else? He's kind of a metrosexual so shopping is a green light :biggrin:
  2. You must take a trip to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA!! Rodeo Drive would also be fun if time allows. While your in Hollywood, check out Mann's Chinese Theatre (where they have the hand/foot prints) and Hollywood & Highland (shopping). HTH!
  3. oh yes, south coast plaza is a definate must!
  4. You can go to the Irvine Spectrum and The Block. They're not really "malls", but a large outdoor space with tons of shops, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, etc. It's more fun to go in the evening/night time though. Right after Disneyland, you can head over next door and hang out at Downtown Disney. They also have shops, restaurants, bars, etc.
  5. Of course Beverly Hills is a must. Santa Monica or Venice Beach is always nice. Like others have said South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island. If you have time there are a few good outlets. Camarillo and Cabazon but both are sort of a far drive but always fun. Not sure if this interests you but you can always go to a TV show taping.
  6. Oh I forgot if you go to Beverly Hills and you like Cupcakes you have to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes. They are my other addiction.
  7. If you need more help/advice feel free to PM me.

  8. Sprinkles Cupcakes = YUM!!! :drool:

  9. I know... They are so good. I just finally discovered them a few weeks ago. I kept hearing about them so I finally committed to standing in line for almost 2 hours to try them and now I am addicted to the peanut butter ones. Sweet Lady Jane's right down the street is also yummy. Another yummy place is Toast has the best banana pudding ever. Okay I have to stop I am getting to hungry.
  10. I was visiting my parents in oc last weekend and went to downtown Laguna Beach for a day. It so much fun! Lots of bohmenian little shops and restaurants.
  11. The SoCal TPFers will be meeting at South Coast Plaza on 3/10. If you will still be in town then and want to join us, PM me for details....
  12. Great suggestions, but I personally would skip The Block. Sadly, over the past year or so it has become a hang out for all the little dip sh** gang members.
  13. True, I prefer The Spectrum. But The Block is closer to where she is staying, so I thought I'd also suggest it.
  14. I haven't lived in socal for a few years, but from what I remember, The Block is worth skipping. Unless of course you have an evening where you'd rather stay close to your hotel and just go out for dinner and a movie or something.

    I still vote for a day in Laguna. It's so quaint.
  15. Yay. Thanks so much for the input so far :smile: