Boyfriend going to France, what should he get me?


What should my boyfriend buy me?

  1. Vernis cles, framboise or pomme

  2. Pochette, monogram or damier or damier azur

  3. Speedy 30, monogram

  4. Speedy 30, azur

  5. MC black cozy purse

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I need some opinions of what to get....My boyfriend is going to southern France next week to see his sister and her family. He's offered to pick up some LV in Nice for me. Usually he gets me some 3 or 4 nice tops while he's visiting family, but lately he's noticed (finally) my LV obsession. He said he'll pay for whatever I want, but he is not expecting to pay for all of it. (Keep in mind that he's going back to school in September for his MBA, so he'll be out of work for 2 years, but all will be fine and dandy once he's done.)

    I've budgeted about 350-450US for him to purchase at LV, so I'm wondering what to get. I have no idea how much he is willing to spend. Plus his sister usually gets me a small gift, so she may end up putting in some funds for my LV wishlist. As well, please keep in mind that I recently bought a white MC Speedy and pink CB pochette.

    I was thinking of the monogram or damier pochette, vernis cles in framboise or pomme, MC black Cozy purse, or a monogram or damier azur Speedy 30. I thought the cles would be nice to hang outside my MC Speedy. But a pochette would be great for when I only need to take a few things and would be more subtle the pink CB. A Speedy in azur or monogram would make for a great everyday bag. I've tried to keep my options open so if he can't find something on the list, he could easily pick the next one down the list. TIA for all of your opinions!
  2. I'd get an Azur Speedy 30. :drool:
  3. MC cozyyyyyyy! Jill just got hers and it looks great! That big shiny button reminds me of those big red buttons that you're not supposed to press, and yet.... Oh So Tempting!!! lol yup, I'd be playing with that button all day.... lol

    Tell him to have fun and have a safe trip:biggrin:
  4. i'd go for the speedy azur 30. more bang for your buck! :smile:

  5. yup i agree.get the azur.
    Anyway,I'm so jealous!!! I got to visit LV in Nice last year,the SA said you can get the cheapest LVs in France only in NICE. (if you check the LV france site for prices,they are about 10-40 euros cheaper, depending on the style.) Plus you can get tax refund 10-12% at the airport which makes it more cheaper. oh i remember asking about MC trouville before the price increase it was 810 but in Nice it was only 795 without the tax refund yet.
    Anyway, just want to share.I'm so excited for you!:smile: ;)
  6. A Made-in-France Azur speedy! :jammin:
  7. Azur!!
  8. It seems like you want all of the items listed :p
    Why don't you just give him a list of all the above, and tell him of your own budget.
    Then he will be able to pick out what he thinks is reasonable, and you will have no clue as to what you get. I think that is cool.

  9. Yup, I definetely want everything. :p I have to consider our combined budget (possibly his sister's too) and that I'm also planning to see him at his new school in August, so I need to set aside money for that too. I've heard shopping in Chicago is great, so I'll have to make sure my funds are good. I really want a black MC Trouville, but that would be too much. My list has gone in order of priority as Azur Speedy, MC Cozy and Vernis Cles, Mono Speedy, then a Pochette and Vernis Cles. If all else fails, he can always call me while he's there.

    Yes, he is very lucky to go to Nice. He usually goes every year to see his sister and her family. I'm hoping that next year I'll be able to visit too. Last time I was in France, that was 6 years ago, our schedule's couldn't make it work.

    Thank you everyone for your replies!
  10. Azur Speedy! He might actually be able to find one and it will be made in France!
  11. I was trying to vote, but I can't....I:heart: them all. Depends what you need most.
  12. AZUR speedy;)
  13. I vote for an azur speedy and pomme cles. They would be too cute together!
  14. Mono or Azur Speedy 30!!:yes:
  15. I would get the azur speedy.