Boyfriend disappointed at Coach

  1. My boyfriend has been hinting about getting a new wallet for a while, and I was planning on picking one up for his October birthday. This weekend I gave in and told him he could get his present early, if he wanted, and I'd take him to Coach to pick out a nice wallet. After much debate over which would work best, and his gawking at the price (but he is learning, so it's OK), he found one he really liked. Trouble is, they only had scratched ones in stock. I became the picky gf and ordered him a new one. He was clearly disappointed not to walk out with his present. Now he knows how I feel when I can't get a purse right away!

    On another note, does this wallet hold up well?
  2. ^My DH has this wallet in British Tan. He doesn't really take care of his stuff like I do so it has a couple of scratches on it and some other kind of weird mark. He's fine with it so I guess it shouldn't bother me. The only complaint he has about this wallet is that he says it's hard to put bills in the bill compartment because of that flap. He just folds his money in half now because it's such a pain. Overall, though, he likes it. :yes:
  3. I've read this acronym all over the place...What does DH mean???
  4. Dear husband
  5. ohh nice wallet. i think my mom got this wallet for my bf as a b-day gift. he loved it but moved onto gucci now. it really lasted him a while and i'm sure he'll go back to it again someday. it really broke in well and the leather turned lusterous and more beautiful with normal wear. i don't recall him having any problems in the bills compartment area. you did a great job luring your bf into coach!!! woohoo, converting him into a coach guy ? j/p. and on the scratches issue, i would have also ordered a new one too. we like our things new and virtually untouched hehehe, was a little different issue with the gucci one. he had the last one in the store and wanted to walk out of the store with something and....he actually did get the one with the minor, he cared, but didn't care
  6. Very Nice.. Congrats for BF