Boyfriend Bracelet...which one do you like?

  1. I dunno what it is about this style bracelet but I'm seriously thinking about getting one. But which one would you buy??? I like all 3...maybe the peace sign is the one I like least of all..but hell I don't know....hahaha Do you even like this bracelet?
    94114_d2.jpg 94115_d2.jpg 94116_d2.jpg
  2. I like the heart one. I am not a fan of gold colored jewelry but if I had to pick one I would choose the heart one.
  3. the heart one.. so cute !!
  4. AWWWW the heart bracelet is so cute!
  5. I prefer silver , but I like the heart.
  6. I love the heart one:heart:
  7. heart!! The peace sign is like so last year (well...several years ago! lol) and the tag, is on your purse! Heart is SUPER cute!
  8. I like the peace sign. I'm an old hippie.
  9. Thanks, everyone! The heart seems to be the big favorite. :yes:
  10. Heart is #1, Coach tag #2, and Peace sign #3. I do like this type of bracelet :tup:
  11. Yup, the heart one is really cute!

    Although I personally have my eyes on the silver/mahogany bangle right now :p
  12. gotta say the heart as well!!
  13. Yup, heart for me too. But I wear only white/silver jewelry so most of the Coach jewelry is not for me.
  14. I do like the heart but I also think the whole design in general is a rip off of the tiffany heart bracelet. So I would go for the one all the way on the right.
  15. Peace