Boyfriend bought me a new pair of shoes.......

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  1. Unfortunately it is a pair of trail/hiking shoes and not CLs. :sad: :roflmfao:

    I have a wonderful boyfriend, but he is definitely not the designer type. He is more of an outdoorsy active kind of guy. He loves to kayak, ski, hike - basically anything outdoors! We have been talking about going to a local park to hike (walk) around and I mentioned that the only casual shoes I have are regular tennis/gym shoes.

    He said that since I couldn't wear any of my CLs to go hiking, he had to buy me a proper hiking shoe. So sweet!!! :girlsigh: Maybe the next pair of shoes will be a CL!!!

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  2. Well, the main thing to remember is that he has started the ball rolling. Given the right encouragement and direction I'm sure he will come up with the 'goods' before too long.
  3. How sweet and thoughtful. You've got him going in the right direction. He's getting warmer. Instead of the sporting good store, point him in the direction of NM. :okay:
  4. aw that's so sweet!

    i just realized you're in charlotte! *sigh* so jealous. i love charlotte. esp the south park mall (did i get it right? i suddenly got confused between that and the north park mall in dallas).
  5. Aww Lynn that's so sweet and thoughtful:smile:
  6. At least your BF bought you shoes spontaneously :tup:. My BF WILL buy shoes - if he's told exactly what pair, what colour, what size, what website etc etc. His :heart:s in the right place 'cos he wants to make absolutely sure I get the right shoes but it kind of removes the element of surprise :lol:
  7. your so lucky! my boyfriend refuses to buy me shoes.

    he is so superstitious, he says that buying a significant other shoes allows them to "walk out of their life".

    so I cant buy him shoes and he wont buy me shoes.

    your sneakers look very comfortable.
  8. panrixx said it... it won't be too long before the CLs come rolling in! ;)
    Put the Asics box next to CL boxes and show him that you've put all the "important" shoes together! :P
  9. I think that is sweet, and he means well. He wants you to do things with him. Hubby bought me a pair of golf clubs one year for Mothers Day. He wanted me to play with him, which I did, for a while.
  10. Oh my goodness, that's so sweet, I think I just got a cavity. lol What a thoughtful guy.
  11. I was surprised to see hiking shoes when I opened your thread.....was expecting Loubs, LOL!

    He's so sweet!
  12. Honestly, I was so impressed that he knew my size and bought them for me. His way of showing affection is to do things for me like mow the grass, help with yardwork, and fix things around my house. I love it that he is so helpful, but it was such a sweet surprise to see him have a surprise gift. The last surprise gift was a new waterskiing vest. As you can see, he likes to be active! I'm turning into a Sporty Spice. :nuts:
  13. Sporty Spice, thats cute!
  14. Lynn, that is too cute. :tender:
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    yes, very thoughtful indeed.