Boyfriend Blazer...where are you?

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  1. I really want a Boyfriend Blazer! Any suggestions on where to get them online? I love the Kate Moss Topshop one but it's sold out :sad:
  2. do you mean like a boxy ish blazer? urban outfitters has a cute one.
  3. I really like them. I just bought a new, more form-fitted black blazer to wear with skinny jeans and stuff, but I'm still looking for the perfect "boyfriend" blazer.
  4. Yes! Thank you!
  5. Alexander Wang makes GORGEOUS bf blazers (would love to own one myself) :tup:
  6. I like the androgynous look..I have a few blazers but from past seasons. Good luck with your search!
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    Thanks! I ordered the equestrian blazer from UO :smile: it's cute and super cheap!

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  8. You should check out some thrift shops- I had about a gazillion boyfriend blazers in the late '80s -early 90's. Take out the shoulder pads and Voila! Inexpensive boyfriend blazef
  9. In France, the vintage version of the navy-equestrian Ralph Lauren Blazer is kind of hot right naw
  10. I had one in my closet. A Banana Republic suit blazer from a couple of seasons ago, charcoal grey, a size too big to wear as regular suit and a bit plain for my tastes. But, voila, perfect boyfriend blaze. I'm wearing it tomorrow with very dark Miss Sixty skinny jeans, lilac v-neck thin cashmere sweater (7 for all mankind, thin white button down shirt (Miss Sixty) underneath, and silver wedges or double buckle high heeled mary janes.
  11. i see that you are from vancouver .. have you checked out aritzia? or holts? i know rag & bone, smythe, a wang .. have some good ones and wilfred does as well.
  12. i got one from BCBG for a steal - <$100. Kind of oversized, with rolled sleeves. love!
  13. I second the vintage/thrift suggestion. :idea:
  14. I can't find this on the site :sad: Do you have a link?
  15. Yeah! Mass retailers are doing interpretations all over! I got one from some random chain store in Shanghai (Ochirly?) and it looks great.