Boyfriend and PF

  1. My boyfriend thinks it's hilarious that I go on this forum. At first I was skeptical but there's a lot of useful information from everyone about everything pertaining to bags.

    He logs onto car forums religiously. Now isn't that hilarious? It's just cars. Purses are so much more important. It can make or break your image. Hahahaha.

    Any other fellow purseblog friends have boyfriends who laughs for being a member of this wonderful forum? Please do tell.
  2. my husband use to laugh at me in the beginning. but now he knows it's a must for me. so now when he goes on the computer he'll ask if i want my laptop to go on the PF. he's always understood my love for handbags but didn't think i'd go as far as to sign onto a forum. he's watched me go thru the board and now knows that it's not all about purses. he thinks it's pretty cool that we talk about so many different topics. i think i caught him one time signing on to a mustang forum. that was hilarious.
  3. lol my boyfriend thinks its weird and calls it 'that site'. I think he's pretty clueless as to what exactly a forum is and what it's for
  4. my bf is always surfing car forums. he's he kind of understands how i am so addicted to this forum..he usually peeks his head around the corner and says "stop looking at bags."
  5. My boyfriend doesn't understand at all. He says, it doesn get me anywhere and that it's a complete waste of time. I should say the same thing about his motorcycles :biggrin:
  6. my ex hated it, for some illogical reason. hated my bags, too. but it didn't have anything to do with the content, it would have been the same if i loved to play golf or whatever else that took time and expendable income. he has apologized for his criticism since we broke up, though. he even complimented my bags.
  7. There's nothing wrong with going to a forum about purses. We need people to talk to about bags, and sharing stories. It's just fun! :smile:

    It's funny because my fiance and I were watching a movie, and I seen a coach bag, and right when I was gonna tell him something about the bag, he said, baby, shush! I started laughing. :P
  8. Why can't men understand that handbags are to girls are like cars are to guys! Everytime my SO sees me on here, he says "oh no, the purse forum".

    And he talks about buying $2500 rims.... sheesh!!!
  9. My husband goes on different music message he can't say a darn thing!
  10. My husband laughs at me all the time because I am obsessed with this place. He has no room to talk though, he goes to a bow hunting forum all the time.
  11. i think finding this forum actually helped me understand the bf more. i used to wonder how he could scroll through his guitar forums all the time and now i finally know why. you learn so many things! in his words: "it's like a hundred Dee's sharing what they know about bags and where to buy them!!" I literally LOL when he made that analogy!

  12. :Push: My husband also refers to the PF as "that site". He is just dumbfounded about the whole thing...and will often lecture that "a bag is simply a vessel to put things in", then suggest that I carry a plastic sack instead. :hrmm: Not amusing.
  13. my boyfriend and I are both musicians, so of course we both go to specific music forums, but then he has his road bike obessions.... and the thinks there is a problem with the PF????
    He acutally doesn't complain too often about the PF, because with the bikes he has NO room to talk!!
  14. oh, but my DAD thinks it's really strange. I was home last week and he saw me on it and said "WHAT is the purse forum???" I had a bit of explaining to do....
  15. my bf calls this the "purse site" and the gals here "purse ladies" but i think he's ok with it, although he has no idea how often i go on here. He sometimes tries to cheer me up by offering to read the posts from here and my jeans forum over the phone to me if i'm not at a computer :smile: What a cutie!