Boycotting Coach

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B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
I'm a little more than miffed. I have shopped at the same Coach store for years, and have a good size collection. I am doing this more on priniciple....

I didn't get, and never have gotten, one of the "special" sales invitations.

I called corporate, they said they have nothing to do with it, the actual stores do.

So I called the store. I was told that it had everything to do with corporate, as that is where the lists are generated and invites are sent from.

Called corporate back. This time I was told that it has to do with their marketing dept. Sometimes customers that haven't shopped in a while will get one, sometimes customers that are frequent buyers get one. They told me that I shouldn't feel singled out, because only a select group of people get them. WTF? What kind of a reward is that for those of us that have spent thousands there? I get the monthly catalogs, so I know I am in their system.

I'm pretty sure I won't be spending any more money on their products. :mad: :Push:
Jan 10, 2006
I would think they'd at least offer you an invite to the even that's coming up at the end of March for 25% off of everything. To be honest, I don't know how I wound up with an invitation....

I don't need any more purses--we're both in CA--I don't know if you'd feel comfortable--but if you wanted to PM me your address or a PO Box, I'll mail you my invite--I'm sure you can use it at any Coach store.
Dec 14, 2005
That sucks! You are a loyal customer who has spent good money in their store. I can't understand why they didn't give you an invitation. On another note, I have requested a catalog from them on their website like 6 times and never got it. They only time I got a catalog was last year when I bought a bag in their store.


Jan 15, 2006
This is part of the reason I don't like Coach. I had a friend who spent a lot of money there every year and they never once even sent her a catalog. They should value the people who shop there, because it seems like less and less are...


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Sep 13, 2005
I am also boycotting Coach due to their horrible customer service. In January, I fell in love with a Coach coat. I decided to sleep on it and went back the following weekend to buy it. Unfortunately, they had shipped all the coats to the outlets a few days prior. I figured I'd be able to get the coat at a discounted price...WRONG! They shipped the coats to the east coast and even though I tracked one down in my size, they would not sell it to me unless I agreed to pick it up in person. They wouldn't even ship to a CA outlet for me to pick up. I called customer service and they still had some in the warehouse that they would sell for full price, even though the exact item was selling at 50% off at their outlets. Couldn't buy it at that point based on principle.

Of course, I returned everything I had purchased from Coach that I hadn't used--a bag, keychain and a pair of gloves--and haven't set foot in a Coach store since. It will be interesting to see if I get an invite to the "special" sale.

As for a loyal customer not getting an invite, then calling to ask about it...You'd think someone would have the good sense (and authority) to send the darn discount. Way to keep your customers happy, Coach!


Nov 25, 2005
I bought one of their bucket hats a few years back and my dog had chewed through the leather band! I went to Coach at SCP and they said they could "totally" fix it by putting on another leather part and charged me like $25 for shipping. I got the hat back with a note saying they could not fix this. SCP Coach shouldn't have told me that they "totally" could!


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Dec 15, 2005
that's pretty crappy. It sounds like the store and corporate are trying to pass the buck on each other and you're getting caught in the middle. Not a good situation and be rest assured that your business would definitely be appreciated elsewhere. My friend gets those same special invitations and I think I did once but threw it away b/c I wasn't into Coach anymore. I haven't received one since and my friend only bought two Coach handbags in 3 yrs! Sorry to hear!


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Sep 28, 2005
I got the 25% of coupon this week. I'm not even sure if I will use it, actually. Nothing in the store right now really grabs me except maybe the gold gallery tote with the big signature on it. But then I think I should probably just save for my LV popincourt haut instead.
Hmm, sorry about your bad experience with Coach!! I've had pretty good luck with Coach myself, but I'm careful to 1. always go shopping on a day when my SA is working (if my SA isn't working I just browse quickly and leave) and 2. ALWAYS buy something, no matter how small, if my SA is there. So my SA is super friendly and sets stuff aside for me if he thinks I'll like it (and I get invites to sales and such). I surely don't spend as much money as other people in Coach, but I do make sure to get SA credit for the money I do spend ;)

I hear that Coach stores have pretty high employee turnover; that could be one reason why the stores aren't good at keeping up with customers. Not an excuse though!
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