Boycott Ebay!

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  1. I have read about a few dates, but it all seems to be more talk than anything serious. Is anyone in the know about an actual date set to not sell and buy?

    Feb 1-3?
    Feb 18th - 20th?
  2. I've heard Feb 20 only...
  3. where did you read this?
  4. Some ebayers are posting this on the community chat under feedback.
  5. So does that mean that we don't list new items on those dates or avoid items being sold on those dates?

    Also... two days worth of not selling/buying things can't really hurt eBay that much. If you think about it, aren't people always going to want to buy from eBay? Therefore with the demand, people are always going to sell.
  6. ^^^^If there is enough people boycotting, you never know where it could lead^^^^ It certainly can't hurt.
  7. I say go for it. it's ridiculous. as a seller on eBay, I have had such crazy buyers that I"ve basically had to bargain with for good feedback. I think the buyers are worse than the sellers!
  8. I guess I just don't understand the point behind this. If you dislike eBay don't use it. It's like a book or music you don't just don't buy it.

    Because I don't listen to country music and don't ever buy those artists CD's does not equal my boycott of the music.

    I can't understand the thought process of using a 48-72 hour boycott to achieve what......?
  9. ^^^^Feedback as well as the other changes that are about to take place^^^^

    If we all had a choice we would leave. We don't. We are in a way, stuck selling on eBay, where else are we going to sell? Hence why people are trying to get this boycott in action. It makes perfect sense to me and a lot of other sellers. It isn't the same as your comparison above:nogood:
  10. Boycott should occur from the date new changes take effect then ebay would understand.
  11. i'm so in!
  12. ^^interesting! I really hope that if Google decide to compete with ebay, that it'll be more of an organized place and somehow they figure out how to stop fraud/scammers from taking people's $.
  13. Here's the problem though...where else do we go to sell our stuff online?