Boy WOC or 224 reissue?

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  1. I'm trying to decide on a go-wth-most shoulder bag I can carry in evening or for daytime trips when I don't need a lot of things- basically the bag I carry when heading out to a club for just a few hours. Needs to hold my keys, my phone, lip gloss, an eyelash curler, CCs and cash. I'm mainly an Hermes girl but Kellys are bulky and not that durable in the leathers I prefer, and I think Chanel is better for evening. I don't want to freak out about my bag getting bumped into or sitting near a drink. the moment I am down to choice of a 224 reissue or the black/black Boy WOC I have on order. I don't like prominent CCs, so classics are out.
    Does the 224 hold a LOT more than the Boy WOC (which is a little roomier than standard WOC)?
    Could I wear a 225 or 226 reissue at night? I would have to buy preloved on the reissues (I don't want to spend much more than $3K) and I rarely see these sizes available, but then I could include more cosmetics and things like sunglasses at daytime.
    I thank you for any and all input :ty:
  2. The 224 will hold more than a boy WOC, even though that holds more than the standard WOC. You can also wear a 225 at night; I use my 226 at night as well. I find myself reaching for the 226 reissue so often; you can fit a ton in there (sunglasses, wallet, makeup, keys, etc. and phone fits nicely in the back pocket). It just really depends on if you are looking for a tiny mini size type bag (the 224) or a bit larger. The WOC bags really don't hold much more than the bare basics. I'm with you on the glaring CCs.
  3. I think the 224 would hold all the things you listed no prob, the boy retails $2100, the 224 is double that but in long run prob better choice, investment....and is classic effortless chanel with no major cc logos....
  4. Reissue 224 definitely will hold your requirements. I tend to use a zip key pouch to hold cards, cash and keys in the 224 but the 225 would fit a compact wallet more easily. Both will then allow a compact, lipgloss, iphone and small bits and pieces like purse hook, small perfume spray, etc...
    What I liked about 224 over 225 is that it fits very nicely in the hand as a clutch (with chains tucked inside) as well as fitting snugly as a crossbody as well as on the shoulder or arm. Probably 225 could work just as well - I just thought the 224 cuter and I find it transitions beautifully from casual day to evening purse. :biggrin:
  5. I'm voting for the Boy WOC. I love the look of the antiqued hardware. Keira knightley has been carrying one around lately, and it's been driving me crazy!
  6. I love the one Kiera has! I really wanted the grey Boy WOC but can't find it. This is all such great advice!
    I did borrow a friend's 226 once and it was an incredibly useful bag. Maybe I'll split the difference and try to find a 225 :P

  7. I'Ve seen them pop up on eBay but don't give in and buy them at super inflated prices.... I've been wanting one for over a year.... Stay patient they will make more and maybe in a combination you would love more than you would think......
  8. I like reissue but 224 is too pricy as mini bag IMO.

    I'd probably pay a bit more to get a 225.

    If you don't like big CC, I'd either go for boy or 2.55 WOC. They should be able to fit what you need. Boy WOC is coming for act 2 in metallic finish although they are hard to get. 2.55
    WOC just came out in boutiques!
  9. I agree with the other poster, I would save up alittle more for the 225! It's a classic and versatile :smile:
  10. 225 all the way!!
  11. I prefer 224 over boy WOC just coz it's a real purse and all the compartments will be handy in this mini bag. However for me personally the price tag is too steep for the size. Hence I have 225s and WOCs in my collection.
  12. I'm sold! Thank you all. I'm going to look for a pre-loved 225 in black distressed lambskin or caviar, SHW, and maybe also look for the grey Boy WOC. One or both will turn up and they will be forever bags :heart: I can turn down the black/black Boy WOC when it comes in as I know they have a waiting list for it and will happily give it to someone else. :ty:
  13. Did you ever pick your 225?