Boy top handle in silver? What do you guys think?

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  1. Hi Guys! You know me from the colorful "Chanel quality issues" thread, and know the outcome was my lovely Boy top handle in black!

    Typical to me, when I find something I like, I want MORE of it! Saks triple points starts Monday, and I am thinking of getting the Trendy CC WOC in Camel, and mayyyybe, the Boy top handle in silver? If not that, then a Boy in taupe chevron or something of a neutral I can wear more in the summer. I don't wear much black in the summer in terms of bags.

    So, I can't figure out if the silver is AWESOME or very limiting? I can see it with gym clothes, actually, but maybe that's just because I am originally from Texas and we don't know where to put the brakes on.

    Any feedback is appreciated!!

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  2. It's gorgeous! If I have unlimited funds, I would probably buy it. Im that kind of person that usually have neutral clothes and have some colorful accessories or bags. But this one is very elegant but not very overwhelming. Just my opinion😊
  3. Thank you for posting Mae! - I had the same opinion - it's silver but not overwhelmingly so, not too gaudy. I could see it as a different flavor of neutral, but it could actually go casual because of the hardware and chain detail. Like, it doesn't really look DRESSY per se? I am leaning towards it!!
  4. Usually not a fan of the Boy, but I do like this one, very young and chic
  5. I always think metallics are either hit or miss. This one is a hit!! I like how the ruthenium hw perfectly compliments the silver. Personally though I would go for the classic boy (no top handle, no chains around the border), but that's just me. I think the boy is already a head-turner, no need for all the extra stuff.
  6. Go for it
    Tres chic
  7. I love boys but i don't really like top handle boys. Something about the chain and top handle hitting to me looks weird. However the color is awesome! If it makes ur heart sing go for it!!
  8. I love the silver. Have you seen some of the chevron silver bags posted here-that would also be a timeless, but edgy option. I think the 2.55 is coming out in silver- it's not crossbody, but it is edgy.

    The silver Boy is gorgeous, just thinking of another style option for you..

    I happened upon a beautiful bag yesterday-a metallic Boy w studs and crystals that stopped me dead in my tracks.:graucho:
  9. Thank you for the feedback! It sounds as though the silver is a good color, and you guys agree that it is, but the top handle might be a point to consider? And I totally agree with that, and have looked at the non-handle options, but I can't tell you how much I USE a top handle. Getting in and out of my car, a quick grab at a restaurant or off a grocery cart, off the counter on the go, etc. the top handle I would say is one of the main reasons I am going for this style?

    From what I understand, it's only available in the silver, black, navy, green, red and burgundy? If there's another set of colors coming out, or chevon in a top handle, I would love to know! Thank you for taking the time to post!
  10. Thank you "bagidiotic" LOL love the name!! :P
  11. Thank you Nanci - it seems to have a bit of sass to it, which is why I think it's different (very) than the black albeit the same style...
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464456966.854701.jpg

    This bag doesn't look like much in photos, and it comes in other colors. The leather is really nice and luxe yet durable. The handle is practical and I love the outside side pockets. It has a crossbody strap.
  13. I have seen that, and in the other colors too! I like it in the camel? I also like the Trendy CC small. They are refined and elegant positively. So, of course, my mind then goes back to my Texan "over the top" mode, back to the silver, chains, overdone boy. Ha!!
  14. It's gorgeous. love the style. Is it heavy to you? I believe I tried something similar before and the weight of the chain was a bit too much for me.
  15. The Trendy bags are known for being really nice.
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