Boy, the Coach prices have skyrocketed!!

  1. It figures but every bag I really like is over $500. I LOVE the new ABBEY hobo but at almost $800....I don't know if I can spend so much on a Coach!! At that price I'm thinking LV is the way to go especially since they never go on sale. Ugh...but I just love that bag!!! Anyone else feel this way??:crybaby: I know I will obsess over this bag!!! :push:
  2. What about getting it now with the PCE discount?! It would be 598 before tax, it's really gorgeous in person and there is so much incredible detail on it.

  3. I see that you are a 'Professional Enabler' Sprinkles!!! :graucho:

    I don't want to sound like a dummy but is that the card Coach sends to get 25% off because if it is, I just thew it away Monday because I didn't get a chance to use it before it expired on Sunday!! :crybaby:
  4. It's okay! PCE was extended until the 30th, just let them know you got it late and didn't get a chance to stop in and threw it away because you thought it expired!
  5. So I can still get the credit without the card? Do they just check thier computer to see that I was indeed sent one? Thanks for the info-that makes it a little easier! I wonder if that bag is available now or in July like the website shows. Do they give the discounts for phone orders too? Sorry about all these ?'s!! :smile:
  6. Just try calling your store and ask for the discount. Don't say anything about having a card or losing a card unless they ask. I called mine and said "I'd like to place an order for the Preferred Customer Event sale....." and there was no problem whatsoever. No questions, just "What's the item number?" If there is a problem, just say what Sprinkles suggested and you should be fine. If they say no... Oh well... call another store and try!
    Good luck! I love the Abbey too (only new item I'm considering) but not in my budget after purchasing a Mandy for the PCE!
  7. It will say in the computer still that you had one! It's in some stores now!
  8. First of all, I heart Duran Duran and "Rio" was the first album I went to the store and bought with my own money. Yes Vinyl and wore that thing out. Second, I hear you about the prices but the Abbey is a very detailed bag with all of those gromets and stuff and compared to other bags with less detail it seems high but not too crazy. Also it looks like a bag that will stand the test of time. Will you get it in tobacco or black ?

  9. OMG! I :heart: them to death. They were Princess Diana's favorite band too! Anyhoo....:back2topic: the tobacco is calling me. Thing is I already own this bag (see pic) and so I'm now wishing I waited a little longer because it's the same type of leather and almost the same exact color, just that I love the new style so much better!!!
    Coach hobo.jpg
  10. Oh gosh! They are two TOTALLY different bags!!! The tobacco is much more brown with zero red tones and so much more detail with the lacing.

    The leather is a bit different too! It's more matte and vintagey where the cognac has a bit of a shine to it.
  11. I had called about the Abbey, too... My SA called back to tell me that the PCE had been extended and asked if I wanted him to place the order for me, and it was all I could do to say no! I think it's a beautiful bag but didn't want to drop that kind of money without seeing it in person first. The attention to detail really is gorgeous, though.....
  12. So cool. I didn't know that they were Princess Diana's favorite band. I have Rio on Cd and it is in heavy rotation in my car. I can't see the pic. Whenever someone posts pics I can see them only about 30 percent of the time for some reason. There are no dashes under where it says thumbnails. Am I doing something wrong or not seeing something I should ?