Boy shorts for girls with big bottoms

  1. I'm 5'1 and petite, except I have a big butt. I've tried boyshorts in the past, but they either give me a wedgie or don't cover up my entire butt. So when I wear slacks, you can clearly see the outline of the underwear, which defeats the purpose of wearing boyshorts.

    Do you have any recommendations? I'm looking for something low-cut and seamless.
  2. I stick with my grannies.
  3. I don't really like boyshorts either, for that exact same reason. I tend to stick with thongs.
  4. what i usually wear is called a "tanga" i think... its brasilian cut underwear. not a thong but a skimpier cut than boy shorts or regualar panties, and the lines never show. i cant say i have a large behind ,unfortunatly ,but i think theyre the most comfortable and versatile cut, i cant see why they wouldnt work for you too
  5. I am the same height, also with a big butt (and tiny waist). I hate boyshorts!!! I sticks with thongs. Do you not like thongs?
  6. i'm 5'0 and petite, and my butt is not big but it's kind of bigger than the rest of my body parts are, and i have the same problem. you can see my crack when i wear boyshorts, so now i always wear thongs. Victorias Secret has these ones though that work well and look ok on me though. I can't find a picture on their website, but the pair that works that I have is black mesh with silver glitter at the top and it says Unforgettable on the back of's from the sexy little things Collection, but I don't think it's a mainstream style, like I don't think they make a whole lot of them in more than one color. If you cannot stand thongs, then tangas are good.
  7. I'm not really a fan of thongs. I currently wear them and don't like the way they feel. I need to check out tangas though.
  8. boyshorts are for boyish figures, meaning you need to have small hips, very very small hips. so curvy girls can forget it, it won't feel comfortable and i can imagine the VPL! hey, at least curvier girls have booty!
  9. so what's the alternative if you hate thongs?
    i've had decent luck with the boyshorts from target. but they still don't necessarily cover everything.
  10. short with big booty here :p

    i wear the brazilian cut from VS and love it

    with boyshorts i have to go up a size so it covers the whole booty
  11. i hate thongs too. i don't know the right name for it but i think something like this from topshop is close to a boyshort cut but is cut higher up the leg.

    image from
  12. Have you tried Hanky Pankys?