Boy Shakira

  1. Do you know who I'm talking about?

    He's from the show America's Got Talent (I somehow got sucked into the show this year).

    He dresses up like Shakira, and tries to belly dance. Somehow, he made it through to the top 20 performers, who have a chance to win $1,000,000. It's ridiculous! He looks disgusting, and he's not good at it.
    It's not even funny that they keep letting him through, but don't let through people who actually have talent are serious about what they do.
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  3. Okay seriously. That boy has no life.
  4. he says he's "been an entertainer for the past 10 years"
  5. I LOVE Boy Shakira!
    He is a squillion times more entertaining than Original Recipe Shakira! We are rooting for him to win!

    On another America's Got Talent note, did anyone else notice that on this past week's episode, David Hasselhoff was wearing some really bad pre-Davinci era chiclet teeth? I hope the show will spring for an upgrade. It's a credibility issue.
  6. he's pretty much just a joke i don't think it's very entertaining

  7. i honestly hope you're kidding. its the most disgusting thing i've ever seen. i can't believe other people have been kicked off and he's been voted on. its horrible.
    its worse than sanjaya on american idol...
  8. He is the sanjaya of the show. I couldn't believe the other acts that didn't make it through (Redneck Tenors and a few others). If he wins the money, next round of auditions I am dressing up as the Hoff and re-enact his drunk hamburger video or Posh Spice and just go on stage a frown. I didn't know it was a comedy competition.
  9. So you can't understand why he's a finalist??? Um, probably because it gets people talking about the show and starting threads like this. ;) Let's face it....most of the 'talented ones' are rather dull.
  10. i don't think the talented ones are dull.
    i love to see someone who is humble about their talent make it through the rounds.
  11. That guy creeps me out. He isn't even good.
  12. By dull, I meant not as colorful as him. You started this thread about him, so he's obviously got your attention. Why did you not start a thread about the talented one(s)???
  13. no i understand what you're saying. but i'm not starting a thread because i like him. its disgusting. i wouldn't encourage anyone to watch the show and see him.

  14. also, could you please explain how you think he deserves to win $1,000,000?
  15. I understand that you don't like him but what's that old saying.....No publicity is bad publicity. I'm just saying that the show's producers are keeping him on for just this reason. No one's talking about the talent but they are talking about him!!! People love trainwrecks and I'll bet many may tune in just to see what's all the fuss about this Boy Shakira.

    I've only watched the show twice and both times he was on it. I have to admit I loved his act. not that he's talented or I like him but rather I LOVE watching the judge's (and audience's) reaction to him.