Boy old medium size works on me??

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  1. Hi!!:smile:
    I just got my boy caviar old medium.
    Because of lots of bad reviews, I am still debating whether keep it or not.
    Besides that, there is one more problem lol
    I got old medium because it is pretty much same size with classic medium which fits on me well, and it is useful size.
    But after I tried it on, my husband said it looks a little big on me.
    I thought small is too small, but starts to get confused @.@
    I need TPFers opinion!:smile: would love to hear♡

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  2. Here are more pics!

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  3. Last one! Sorry for making it seperate. I don't know how to attach all pics in one post ;(

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  4. It is the angle of the second picture that makes it look big but I think the bag looks amazing on you. The mini is quite small and not sure if its worth getting for the price. You look awesome- enjoy the bag!
  5. in pic 2 and 3 it looks fine... the first pic looks a bit awkward.. like the chain is too short for you in that position or something. i'd probably keep the bag more towards the back... a bag with a wide width sitting on your hip area will make you look bigger and the bag look awkward...maybe he saw it that way first. i would wear it more like in pic 3.
  6. Personally, I find the small a very cute size. It's cuter than old medium but it's not really useful. It doesn't fit much but it's quite cute.

    Plus for the price, it's expensive For a small bag. I have an old medium and thought it was a bit bulky too but i feel it's still very versatile. It can still be a day and night bag and I can fit extras like sunglasses in if I need to... The boys are a style that takes some getting used to... They're a little wide and kind of masculine for a bag so it's a different style than the classic medium that maybe your husband is used to on you.

    I think if you want something small, you're better off getting a Chanel mini rectangle. It actually fits more than the small boy. I have both the woc, mini rect & old medium boy.

    If this is going to be your only boy, I'd stick with the old medium. I don't think it looks big on you.. But if you think it's a bit too much, get the small.

    We spend too much money to buy something we won't use.

    I guess the question is: what do you use daily? What do you need in your bag?

    If you need more than phone, wallet & keys, you'll be struggling with a small boy...
  7. I agree with the others who think the bag look great on you. However, if you think its too big and if you don't carry very much, the small would probably look great on you too! Personally, I find the old medium to be the most versatile boy size.
  8. It does not look too big on you. I love the old medium size.
  9. I think old medium looks fantastic on you. The small boy is absolutely adorable but you can't fit too much in there. Old medium is more useful.
  10. It looks good on you. I was also debating whether to get small or medium. Im 4'11" and that's how the old medium looks on me too. :biggrin:But i ultimately decided on old medium for the size and price. And I usually wear it on the shoulder cuz it looks better, not crossbody.
  11. Looks great! I am petite and I also prefer old medium to small. I really like the fact that I can just stick my LV Zippy wallet in without having to change to a smaller wallet. I agree with others that a mini flap may be a better option than a small boy.
  12. It looks beautiful on you!
  13. I have a small & old medium sized boy and to be honest can't fit much more into the old medium than the small so if you feel uncomfortable in the old medium size then try the small :smile:
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  14. I also once thought the old medium was too big for me so I passed it up in Italy. Doh! Months later I got the old medium because the small is really small. The one thing deceiving about the boy bag is that the edges are for looks and the compartment that hold items is about an inch shorter and in width. Keep the old medium! BTW, cute teddy bear face. Lol
  15. I think it's fine :smile: