Boy Oh Le Boy Black or Red, Caviar Quilted or Chevron

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Chevron or Quilted Caviar

  1. Chevron

    7 vote(s)
  2. Quilted

    17 vote(s)
  1. Hi! I just wanted to ask Helpful tips on what to buy, should I get the red or burgandy Chanel Boy or the classic black. Or what do you think would be a best investment, Chevron or Quilted? Please please Help. I am having a dilemma right now.
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  3. Have you tried them on? This, to me, is not just a decision of chevron or quilted but one is the hardware as well. The chain on the Boy is quite a statement. On the quilted, it appears to be a brushed metal whereas on the chevron it is a shiny. Some might find that to be too blingy. I love both.

    In terms of color, my eye and my clothing are drawn more to the red. Think of what outfits you’d want to wear with each option and go from there. In terms of investment, the Boy bag seems to lose value relatively quickly compared to the classic flap, but black is the safest bet. Do you already have a black bag? I don’t believe in buying bags as investments. Buy what you love and will use.
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    In terms of investment, I assume you are talking about the resale value instead of an investment. I've heard the quilted black classic bags have the best resale value than any other color. Personally, I'd love a Chevron red with a light gold or antique gold since I already have a quilted black one with silver hardware.
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  5. Hi,

    Yes you’re right, the hardwares of both bags differ. I love the matte in the quilted but I like the Chevron on boy. I have Le boy in Fuchsia Lambskin. I still don’t have black. Do u think, black Quilted Caviar in matte gold is best to acquire? Thank you for your reply.
  6. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. Do you think that the shiny hardware for Chevron might be too much?
    I have le boy in fuchsia with ruthenium hardware. I love red because it’s my favorite color. But I don’t own a black Chanel though.
    So now I’m thinking if I should get this red or just get a black. Lol
  7. I would get the black. I had this same dilemma when I was buying a boy - I had a black lambskin and a burgundy calfskin in my hands and decided on the burgundy on a whim because I was wearing a burgundy coat that day and they looked so good together. While I do love the burgundy, I wish I had gone for black for more versatility.
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  8. Is It Chevron or Quilted for Black caviar?