Boy Medium vs Reissue 225

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  1. Hi peeps,
    I'm looking to get my next bag and am in between these two. I think the boy elevates an outfit more and is more "stunning" and wow factor but the reissue is like the comfy sister who I can wear everyday as I am pretty casual with my dressing. The reissue FEELS amazing to use, but the boy may stand out more. Two diff purposes?! Anyone with these two in their collection care to chime in? Quality wise, I hear mixed things about the boy bag with regards to corner wear and flap denting etc. I am looking at calfskin for both. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have both and they are very different bags. Boy is very much a casual bag and not one I would "dress up", but Reissue is more versatile as it can be used both casually and dressed up. The Reissue also makes a great bag for travel. As for wear, my boys are all in caviar, goat and calf (the lamb boys seem to show the worst wear) and I have had no issues with corner wear or wear under the flap, BUT I rotate my bags almost every day. I think it really comes down to what you are looking for. I tend to like boys in many different colors/finishes, but with the Reissue I have more specific preferences in the colors/finishes. So if you are looking for a fun casual bag, boy might be better. If you are looking for a more versatile, classic, understated bag, then go Reissue. GL!
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  3. I have both and I use the reissue the most. Personally I think it holds more. Although I like my boy bags I do find them to be a little boxy. I love that the reissue flies under the radar with no logos. It’s really personal taste. I would try both and choose the one you feel you would get more use out of.
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  4. Thanks! I had a reissue preloved which I sold because though I loved using it, aesthetically the distressed-ness was not satisfying to me. I went to the store again and tried both on and leaning towards boy bc of the look. I don't like how reissues look in the store, all flattened up and pointy top. I've seen some that are not like that, but its hit or miss! Are the boys heavy if you wear them a long time? I know reissue is not!
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  5. Based on your comment, I think the boy bag may suit your style more right now.
  6. Boy is more versatile
  7. If you have tried both on in the store, I'd go with your gut, as there's no better judge than yourself trying them on :smile: Also, if you already sold a reissue in the past due to dissatisfaction, then probably the boy is the right choice for you :smile:

    Personally, I love the Reissue and have it in the 225 and 226 size because it is a carefree bag that I can wear with everything and in multiple ways (and switching can be done with ease!). Initially looking at photos, I was more drawn to the Boy because it has a cool, modern feel, but when I tried it on in the store, it just wasn't a comfortable feel. The hardware felt bulky, and the bag jutted out against my body. I prefer the minimalist hardware with the Reissue and how it sits close to the body.
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    I just purchased a Reissue 226 in a smooth/raw calfskin, chevron quilting. I like that it's NOT a distressed, aged leather. I wanted the option to wear it out on a dinner date, running errands, or to the office without it being in-your-face Chanel.

    When I was talking with my SA about the reissue, he said that the seasonal pieces with the chevron or the metallic diamond quilting (which are usually in a less-distressed leather) have more structure than the classic. With the classic reissue, it's softer so the top and bottom get pointy faster. The more structured seasonal versions will hold its shape better.

    Here are some photos of 2 brand new reissues in the 226 size. Classic vs seasonal chevron. In the side-profile picture, you can tell how more structured the chevron is. The Classic also looks taller because it’s more pointed at the top.
    1731A884-6F2C-455C-9432-1473ADD5632A.jpeg 2F1D04AC-C671-4800-894D-8D613FFF70AE.jpeg 774DA5AE-58B1-4E24-82DA-B8C3201E59AE.jpeg 3AD772B3-E78C-4541-972D-6A69809E62FB.jpeg
  9. I have and love both, but I love the Boy more for the very reasons you described. However, I haven't had any wear problems.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I am not a huge fan of the chevron reissue but the one you showed looks super pretty. Congrats! I went to the boutique, 2 of them and saw a few reissues. I want to love it because it is so functional and easy to wear, and soft to touch but somehow the aesthetic of the look on me just looks meh. The boy wins for its look, and the reissue wins for functionality/ use. I actually bought a boy in old medium, caviar , ruthenium and am sitting on it thinking if I will use it as much as I want to. I already made a mistake and some losses with the preloved reissue and don't want to make another one!
    I think I will eventually get a reissue in my collection, but not so soon.....haven't found one that really worked. I also found the price tag really hefty for something that I am not thrilled with aesthetically. All of these bags are really hefty price tags ;)
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  11. I have both the Boy (old medium) in calfskin and the Reissue 225 in aged calfskin, and you're right they're both very different looks! My Boy bag has held up beautifully, it doesn't show any wear - no corner wear, no flap dent. On the other hand, the chain on my Reissue despite wearing it only a handful of times, has already shown some wear. I also baby and really take care of my bags, so I'm pretty sure it's just the nature of the Reissue. However, the leather on the Reissue shows no sign of wear. In terms of style, I think the Boy is more modern, a bit edgy, whereas the Reissue is more dressed up. The Boy bag is much easier to get in and out of, whereas the Reissue is a bit more difficult due to the double flap. Overall though, they're honestly two completely different bags and owning them both is justifiable! I think your best bet is to try them both on, and see which one speaks to you more at this time. You also might just fall in love with one bag in a particular color/hw combination which will clearly win you over. Can't go wrong with either bag!

    EDIT: Ahh I see you went with the Boy!! Enjoy it!!
  12. Thank you so much! I love the look of the boy, more and more as I see it on. I am having some issues with the strap though and it feels like its digging into my collarbone :sad:
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  13. Is your reissue gold hardware? That’s disappointing to hear that it’s showing wear after only a few wears!
  14. Is it digging when you wear it crossbody or over the shoulder? I tend to wear my medium boy over the shoulder and my small boy crossbody
  15. When I wear it CB. I specifically only look for CB bags.....I turned it around so the nubby part of the chain would be at the back, and it is a bit better. I am convincing myself that I will deal with it/ get used to it as the bag is just so pretty and I am falling in love with the look of it even more as I try it on around my house!