Boy HairCuts - Shorter is Better or Long?

  1. I'm always in a twist over this one. I have two boys who's hair grows faster than you can say "boo". I invested in one of those clippers and I give a mean buzz cut - I mean, it's CUTE - I only use the 1 inch one too so it's not like they're in the military either.....but the cowlicks - OMG. About four weeks into it, they looked like they got electrically charged! I could spike it with gel or I could just let it grow long, but I went to a birthday party recently where it seemed like all the boys had that 70's long hair - and I was like "eh...I don't know."

    What do you like? Long hair for little boys (ages 4-7) or do you like a cute crew?
  2. I have a 3 year old and I prefer to keep his hair short. Kind of like how you do your son's super short, almost buzzed, but not military looking. However, keeping it short is easier said than done. We take him to 'Snip-it's' which is a place that specializes in children's hair cuts, but he HATES it! The last time I took him I practically had to drag him inside. And he screams. He won't sit in the chair himself so he sits on my lap. In the summer I'm pretty anal about taking him about every 6 weeks or so, because it grows so fast, and I think in the warmer months it's more comfortable for him with it shorter. But in the winter I let it go longer. Also, when my son's hair gets any kind of length to it, it gets curly, like my DH's, so we both prefer it short.

    I'm not really a fan of long hair on little boys (like Kate Hudson or Cindy Crawford's sons have). That's just me though...
  3. I have a 2 1/2 year old and his hair grows REALLY fast. He needs a haircut every 3 weeks and I get it cut really short. I'm lucky though because my FIL is a barber so he comes to our house and cuts my son's hair.
  4. I prefer short hair for this age (4 - 7). Our little guy is 14 months and he gets a haircut every 6 weeks at Melonhead's. He loves to sit in Thomas the Train and watches the cartoon on the big screen.
  5. I keep my 3 1/2 year old's hair short as well. He goes every 4 weeks to the barber with his Daddy..they get their haircut together.
  6. Well, if I were to have a boy, I'd probably keep it longer, but not too long, somewhere around chin-length. Both ways are cute, so it's really whatever your preference is.
  7. I think a lot depends on the kid's hair and face. Both my kids have wavy hair, so they can go longer or shorter, but we tend to do shorter and then we don't rush for the next haircut. My 2 year old HATES, like bloody screams hates haircuts, so I don't force the issue. I get it cut when it's WAY shaggy and then cut it short and then wait as long as I can again. I figure, why torture him? he'll outgrow it when he realizes we aren't trying to kill him and until then, we'll just deal with it.

    With that said, on some kids I prefer shorter cuts and other longer, but all in all, I don't like super short hair because kids have such gorgeous shiny, healthy hair and I like seeing it especially when there's a little curl to it!
  8. Hehe...cute thread. I like the short haircut but my MIL insists that I leave his curly tendrils intact. It reminds her of my DH when he was a baby.:girlsigh:

    Right now I'll keep it long and puffy with his curly ends once summer approaches. I'm sure he'll be more comfortable with a short haircut by that time. He sweats alot.
  9. I really like short hair on little boys. It just looks cuter and cleaner IMO.
  10. I prefer shorter hair on my boys. Their hair is so dry that it tends to stick up in little Bart Simpson spikes.
  11. I prefer shorter hair (like Brooklyn Beckham) rather than long (like Celine Dion's son!).

    My son has his shorter but not a crew cut - he likes to have it spiked sometimes but most of the time he just gets a bit of a bed head!! (he's 5 - you can see him in my avatar with the glasses on!)
  12. my son is 20 months and we haven't cut it yet..i don't know when we will..we might grow it long..not sure
  13. We are advocates of longer hair for young boys-LOL! My 7 year old sports a longish hairstyle (not like Celine's son-that is too long IMO!) and we love it. he has the greatest thick, wavy hair!
  14. Haha! and let me just say, his hair is waay too long!
  15. I prefer short hair for my boys. I've always cut their hair at home, and so they are used to me doing it and haven't been frightened after the first few times. I let them feel the buzzers with the attachments on their hands; it tickles and they like that.

    I trim their bangs with a scissors so they don't end up too short, then I trim everything with a 1/2" or 3/4" clipper (except the bangs) and then I put a slight line about an inch and a half above their ears and trim it to 1/4" below that. Everyone says they would like their boy's hair to look like my boys' and they ask where we get it cut, so I'm pretty proud of myself!

    Most of the boys at school have short hair, so my boys would be pretty out of place with longer hair. When they get older I am sure they will want to experiment with different hairstyles, so they can grow it longer then if they want to.