Boy glues himself to bed!!!

  1. ... and I thought licking sign posts was dumb. :s
  2. I would so kick my kids butt if they ever pulled that crap!!
  3. Aww, how funny! HA! Gotta admit, he's original!
  4. He wanted to "stick" around home with his sweet :lol:
  5. That's funny.
  6. haha that must have been one FUN vacation!
  7. lol and he still had to go to school!
  8. When I saw the title of this thread, my first thought was that it sounds like something that would happen in my house!!!
  9. He used his imagination ... !
  10. HAHAHAHA Plan B now you little munchkin!
  11. Well, the idea is clever. This kid needs Elmer's Glue.
  12. the worst i did was fake a cold (i got away with it every now and again) but i was a pretty good kid.
  13. I saw it on the news yesterday, a journalist interviewed the child, he was very sweet and innocent.