Boy George

  1. I just thought this was kind of funny as we never see celebs punished by the law.

    Boy George begins his five days of community service (for reporting a false burglary last March) with a clean sweep in New York City's Chinatown on Monday.
  2. You go Georgey Boy! I am impressed. He is showing is human side if you ask me! Wasn't it that girl from "Lost" Michelle something or other that opted for jail vs. community service? Like it was beneath her to do volunteer work.
  3. Yeah so she went to jail, it was suppose to be awhile (months) but they released her after a couple of hours. What was that all about?!?
  4. :nuts:
  5. Actually...George tried to get out of his garbage duty. He offered to do some PSAs or do a class on makeup or DJing or something. The judge said no...pick trash for 5 days. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    'Tis a shame because he really is a talented singer.
  6. I don't think teaching a class on makeup & DJing is might be too much fun! Maybe he won't lie to the cops about a false robbery next time.
  7. He is SO CUTE!!!:nuts::tender::lol:
  8. Here's another great shot of him...I love the expression he has on his face while working!
  9. Looks like he picked his outfit out of the trash too.

    Why would someone report a theft if it didn't happen? To collect insurance or something?
  10. i LOVE Boy george!!!
  11. I love him. My dad worked with him in Taboo. Loved that show :crybaby:
  12. He's still alive? I thought he died of AIDS. ooops :shrugs:
  13. Love him. I guess not all celebs get away from the law.
  14. who is he anyways? :P my bad, but i dont know who he is!!! where's he from?? :$
  15. I was shocked that Taboo didnt do as well at the box office, I thought it was fabulous.