Boy Forced to Practice Suicide by Bullies Kills Himself

  2. Barely teenagers and the evilness inside these kids is just despicable.

    I bet the parents of these children are the types to let them do whatever they want and may even be afraid of them. Or maybe they're bullied at home themselves. Regardless, I hope these kids get what's coming to them. There are no excuses for the atrocious things they bullied this kid into. I hope they get their asses rammed by bigger kids one day.

    May this poor child rest in peace.
  3. My goodness... what the hell is going on in the world?

    What are we (not just parents, I mean society) doing to our children that cause them to HARM and HURT people like this.
  4. my heart goes out for this poor child! =(
  5. Wow, what an awful story. There seems to be something wrong with the school.
  6. This is every parent's worst nightmare, that their child is being bullied and worse.

    It is also a sad thing that the child did not feel comfortable reaching out to his parents or school counselors. Every child has something to say, even if it takes a while. Adults need to show more care and empathy and these types of things would not have to reach that point. The parents of those bullies probably lost touch with their own children a long time ago.
  7. The school? The bullies made their own choices.
  8. ^ I think she was referring to the fact that those in charge at the school did nothing.