boy do we love our TIFFANY'S...

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  1. i usually wear only gold but since i bought my first tiffany's, i cant help but think that i need a little more silver in my jewelry box... im HOOKED!!!

  2. That is an AWESOME picture!! :love::love::love: I have that elsa :heart: and it's'll love it for years to come!!
  3. Indeed I do love those open heart neckalce...After my mom got me the small one in gold I got the silver ones in both sizes!!
  4. Beautifull , To bad that they don't sell Tiffany's in my country:sad:
  5. love it!
  6. Gorgeous, Congrats.

    Menna - I know the website won't but have you tried calling the UK branches of Tiffany's see if they will do a telephone order and ship within Europe?
  7. I have that necklace and I love it. Congrats!
  8. i know that feeling! i think my tiffany's obsession is slowly taking over my bag obsession. :rolleyes:

    congrats on the pretty necklace!
  9. Beautiful!! I'm dying to get my first piece of Tiffany!
  10. I'm definitly hooked on their silver. They have so many different collections I have a hard time getting just one thing when I go. I'm taking a break from LV, and this is my new obsession. I spend less in Tiffany's than I did in LV, too. Well, per visit!
  11. I have the Elsa Peretti Open Heart in gold. It's a wonderful necklace! Congrats!
  12. That is so beautiful! My best friend gave me the open heart with diamond for being her maid of honor. I just love it and wear it daily.