Boy Bog ~ Large Quilt vs Original

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  1. Hi Ladies ~ I got a Boy Bag a month ago from 14P (larger quilt) in Calf and haven't carried it yet bc I keep seeing pics of the original (smaller quilt) in Lambskin and I'm torn. I prefer the original quilt and am on wait list for one and was just curious what all of your thoughts are on the two? I'm new here and you all have been so helpful :smile: *Photos for reference taken from Google images

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  2. Oops…Sorry pics so big :shocked:
  3. I like the lambskin one better! :smile: looks more luxurious
  4. I LOVE the larger quilts on the "New Medium" size. For the smaller bags, while I like both I give a little preference to the smaller quilts. Also since one is lamb & one is calf, it also comes down to leather preference too...
  5. I also prefer smaller quilts. Larger quilts look more causal.
  6. I personally like the larger quilts better. But since it'll be your purse, you should definitely get whichever one you like more! (:
  7. Thank you for the responses…I'm going to return the 14P and wait for the Lamb with original quilt! The wait is going to kill me :P
  8. +1

    Scarlett1013, you are making the right decision even if waiting for it will kill you! :P It's all boils down to personal preference and getting what makes you happiest!
  9. I love my old medium boy w the smaller quilts! I also think if you have the new medium the larger quilts look more chic....
  10. I like the large quilt new medium better. Used to have older version and let go.
  11. I prefer the larger quilts :heart:
  12. I like the smaller quilts:P

  13. +1. I am glad you are going to wait for your dream boy. Hope you find him soon!
  14. Thank you girls! I feel good about my decision! SA said it should be in w/in the month 😊
  15. Waiting is hard, but when it's a wait for something you know is right, it makes it a tiny bit easier. Can't wait to see your reveal! :smile: