Boy Bands

  1. What boy bands do you like?

    I like:

    2 ge+her

    I'd say O Town, but I only really like All Or Nothing.

    And when New Kids on the Block was big, I liked them, too.
  2. Honestly, I was never really into boybands... I was in high school during the peak of N Sync, Backstreet Boys, etc. and I'll admit that I liked a few of their songs, but that was about it. Had I been a few years younger, I would've been more obsessed with them... When I was in junior high, I used to be so into teeny bopper actors/entertainers, and I always read magazines like Tiger Beat for the latest gossip and info.
  3. I love the Backstreet Boys! They are my all-time favorite boy band! :heart:
    (N'sync was the competition, so I couldn't really get into them). :shame:
    I kind of liked 98 degrees, too...

    How about New Edition?

    Mr. Telephone Man
    There something wrong with my line
    When I dial my baby's number I get a
    Click every time

    Wow, now I've got this song stuck in my head. :Push:
  4. i've always been a Backstreet Boy fan :love:

    i was ok with N'Sync and 98 Degrees, but i loved the Backstreet Boys most :shame:
  5. I LOVE Backstreet Boys...always have, always will
  6. What the heck ? Do you guys like boybands ? Grow up.

    I loved Backstreet Boys when I was 6 years old not 30.

  7. This comment was uncalled for and rude. Be more respectful
  8. There are some songs from N'sync and Backstreet Boys that I do like listening to, and 98 degrees was also okay. I will always love the song Bye Bye Bye.
  9. Me too. Love backstreet boys.:love:
  10. Wow, that comment was uncalled for!! If you don't like this thread, simply ignore it and go to another one!
    Back to the original question, I was never really a fan, but I like some of their songs! (BSB, and NSYNC). However, my cousin she loves the BSB!
  11. Oh my GOD! I forgot about them! I loved Cool It Now and Candy Girl!

    Candy Girl
    You are my world
    Your love's so sweet
    You're a special treat
  12. Nice manners. :s

    I used to dig BSB awhile ago. :love: Now, not so much, but :love: listening to old stuff.
  13. NSYNC all the way!!! I LOVE Justin Timberlake,, My best friend and I slept in the streets of New York to meet him the day his new cd came out!!!! He is sooo nice,, and I've always been an Nsync gal!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yahoo: :smile: I love all of Nsync's songs,, but BSB had some great songs too!!
  14. I was OBSESSED with the Backstreet Boys! :love:
    I wanted to marry Nick Carter. :roflmfao:

    I bought their new CD-- and its just not what I thought it would be... but, I do try to keep up with what's going on with them. And, yes... I do watch House of Carters. hehe
  15. I've seen an episode of House of Carters. (A friend of mine actually knows BJ, so she was telling me the things that weren't accurately portrayed in the show.)

    I don't get the E! Network here, so I went onto E!'s website and I watched the debut episode that way. After that I had this urge to listen to their Greatest Hits cd.

    (I love doing the "Don't wanna hear you saaaaayyyyy . . . " at the top of my lungs!)