Boy Bag in Lambskin

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  1. Hi everyone,

    So I'm interested in getting the boy bag shown below, I know that Chanel currently has it in calfskin but I want it in lambskin. Does anyone know if Chanel usually releases this variation at some point each year? Is there a pattern to Chanel's boy bag releases, like certain leathers come in certain seasons, or is there no way to tell when this particular lambskin style will be available next? I want to buy it brand new from the store.

  2. Nobody know what combination of boy bags Chanel will release. I have been waiting for the exact combination (black quilted lambskin boy in old medium), but with shiny light gold hardware for last two years. I have been checking with my SA almost every collection, but no luck so far.
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  3. Ah darn, that's too bad :sad: I wish you the best of luck, hopefully this will be the year!
  4. I'm not sure when they will re-do it (especially now) but I have this exact bag and I love it. Something about the edginess of a Boy bag with the luxuriousness of lambskin just knocks it out of the park for me. Fingers crossed they do it again soon because I'd love it in another color if it was available.
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  5. Yes I totally agree!! The lambskin makes the boy bag more feminine, which I think makes it the perfect combo of feminine and edgy. If they don't put it out again within the next year I might just have to settle for the smooth calfskin version because I don't have that much patience :P
  6. Hello, I am new to this forum. Wanting to say that I totally agree re the edginess of the boy being softened by the smoothness of lambskin. Just perfect! I am about to receive my first Chanel Boy bag ever, at the ripe old age of 51, and I am beyond excited. I can't quite recall if it's calf or lambskin (28 series) but it's smooth black leather, quilted, with brushed gold hardware. Its almost brand new, from a well respected FB luxe seller here in Australia, and I've been slowly paying it off on a payment plan. I can't quite imagine what its going to be like in real life but if it matches the photos it will be divine. I will post a reveal on this website if I can work out how to do it!
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  7. I have it in calfskin and everyone always thinks mine is lambskin. Calf has slightly less sheen. I love it so much.