Boy bag in Caviar with handle vs Boy regular in Lambskin

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  1. #1 Jun 11, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2016
    I have he choice of getting one of these Boy bags

    Chanel Boy with handle in Caviar ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465692154.550386.jpg

    Vs the Boy bag in Lambskin leather?

    What do you think ? Is the handle one going to go out of style? I had the regular Boy in mind but then the one with handle caught my eye! TIA ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465692131.242700.jpg

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  2. Actually the Boy w handle is made of calf, caviar leather has the pebbled finish to it. I don't think the handle is really a style element that will date the bag, but it adds a little expense. This Boy also has a more decorative closure and the strap is long enough to crossbody, whereas the regular Boy is a bit short for most to do that. The extra chain detail may make the calfskin Boy a bit more edgy.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts! That helps!
  4. I just got the boy bag with the handle and I love it!!!! I love how edgy this bag is with the chain stitching and it suits my lifestyle better (as I exchanged the Lambskin boy bag with gold hardware - which was beyond gorgeous but didn't fit my lifestyle). I also like how you can carry the bag with the top handle and I can wear crossbody (and I'm 5'11''). Good luck deciding - both are amazing, get what speaks to you!
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  5. carviar is more durable
  6. Lambskin for sure!

  7. Thanks so much! Good to know you are enjoying it!

  8. That's what I am leaning towards!

  9. Love the feel of Lambskin want the boy for everyday so I am thinking about it!
  10. Have you seen the Boy bag with the Handle IRL? I've seen pictures here on tPF and it kind of looks like the Handle gets in the way of the chain when you're carrying it cross body.

    Just something to think about. (Sorry I can't find that picture again).

    I love the Boy bags so much. I think all of your choices are gorgeous. :smile:

    Good luck deciding.
  11. May i ask you if the boy with the handle is heavier than the regular one? also is it more expensive? i really like it but haven't seen it in the boutique yet...:smile:
  12. I don't think it is heavier. The price was $5300.00. 😘
  13. Lambskin!! Caviar makes it bag look even more stiff and it's already a more masculine and edgy design. The boy is already unique and doesn't need a top handle. Makes it look too busy. I also think lambskin or calfskin adds a touch of softness to the overall look of this style IMHO
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  14. Tried both in the store! Not heavy at all

  15. Agree about the look! They make it ( the boy with handle) in calf skin too I think but didnot find it in black!